This is Why Pearl Hair Clips Are a Must For Fall

I am part of the Ettika review team and received these pearl hair clips in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

The hair clip trend – do you love it or hate it? Ettika recently sent me these pearl hair clips and I definitely felt a little Blair Waldorf when I first put them in. It’s definitely a super preppy look, but it’s also romantic and feminine, which I love.

pearl hair clips
The hair clips trend is hit or miss for me. I’m not really loving the word hair clips trend. I just think they are a little loud, a little much. I do like the idea of being able to make a statement with your accessories, but I mostly think the word hair clips are cheesy. There are exceptions, of course.

I’m also not really loving the Dorit hair clips look. I mean, it’s beyond overkill if you ask me. I do appreciate the creativity, but if you want that much bling on your head why not just wear a bedazzled head wrap.

pearl hair clips 2
The thing I love about these pearl hair clips is that they come in a set of four so you have a lot of versatility as to how you wear them. I chose to wear two on one side with my hair down. You could also wear four – two on each side. Another idea would be to just wear one on each side or stack them in the back. You could also do a messy bun and just place them strategically around your head. There are a lot of ways to wear them, especially when you have a set of four.

So I’m really dying to know what you think of this hair clips trend and if you’re a fan of the pearl hair clips. I’m honestly on the fence about the really large barrettes, but I do like the more subtle ones. I am glad hair accessories like headbands and hair clips (even scrunchies) are back, because I do think hair accessories are a great way to show our personal style. However, I also think there can be a lot of misses. So, I try to air on the subtle side and not wear too many or too big of hair clips. Are you looking for other pearl hair clips? Here are some of my current favorites.

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