Here are 10 Beautiful White Dresses Under $25

Shein gifted me this dress in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Since I knew I was traveling to Puerto Vallarta, I also knew I wanted to bring a white dress with me. I had a feeling white would look amazing against all the tropical colors, so I went on a search for white dresses under $25.

Have you heard of Shein yet? A couple of my blogger buds recently introduced me to the brand, so they sent me some items to try. To be honest, when I first visited their site, I was completely overwhelmed. They have SO many adorable items to choose from, it’s almost hard to make a decision.

When I first put white dresses in the search bar, I was pretty shocked with my results. There are more than 10 pages full of white dresses. It’s honestly hard to choose just one. The great thing about Shein though, is that all items are completely reasonable. They are also really great quality for the price.

Nice Clothes at Great Prices

As a first time shopper, I assumed the dresses would be super flimsy and not very nice material. I was completely blown away. The dress I chose has intricate stitching, ruffles and a back zipper. Its honestly hard to believe you could find such quality pieces, including white dresses under $25.

{Photos were taken by Meg from Bowtiful Life and Cait Patton at Sophisitcaition}

On one of our last nights in Puerto Vallarta, I decided to wear the white dress. My new blogger friends and I decided to shoot a few looks in the Marriott’s courtyard (which is stunning, by the way), and one of the girls kept saying, “that dress is really under $25? It’s really from Shein?” Yes, yes it is!

If you haven’t tried Shein yet, I think you should. I’m definitely a convert. My only caveat is – only shop when you’re in the mood to scroll through a lot of options. Or, if you have something specific you want, like a white dress, than use the search bar to narrow your results. Plus, you can save an additional 15% right now, with my code!

Shein Discount Code

You can save 15% at Shein with code: 3poshin15

Shein has about a million (not really, but they do have a lot of great white dresses under $25), so I pulled 10 of my very favorite white dresses under $25. (Oh, and here’s a flash back to my other favorite white dress).

{Stacey’s Look: dress; shoes (similar); bracelet; lipstick}

White Dresses Under $25

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    These are some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen what a great idea for an article you nailed it

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