Here are 8 of the Most Tantalizing Cauliflower Recipes

Mmmm…cauliflower! So I know there is a whole big movement to replace carbs with cauliflower. But it’s not just hype! It actually totally works. Now, if you’re expecting that cauliflower pizza crust is going to taste EXACTLY like pizza you’ll get at your favorite restaurant, well, then you’re going to be disappointed. But, I still think cauliflower is a great substitute.

The very first time I fell in love with cauliflower recipes and using it as a substitute was when I made these cauliflower cheddar bites. They are still one of my favorite healthy appetizer substitutes. Then, I turned the same recipe into breadsticks, and was hooked for life.

Using cauliflower is great because it cuts way down on the calories and the carbs. It also adds a healthy vegetable without sacrificing on taste.

More recently, I’ve tried a few of the other cauliflower replacements that are on the market. I personally love the Alexia cauliflower risottos, and the Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi is also really yummy. Although I do like these store-bought options, I actually prefer the homemade versions because then you know exactly what is going into them. A lot of the store bought options like to claim they’re good for you, but they really aren’t nearly as wholesome as they appear.

I already know that I love substituting cauliflower, so I found a few new cauliflower recipes I’m dying to try. If you’re also interested in trying cauliflower as a substitute, here are some interesting recipes I can’t wait to try (or try again)!

8 Cauliflower Recipes

  1. Bagels – Kirbie Cravings
  2. Tots – A Sweet Pea Chef
  3. Tortillas – Recipe Girl
  4. Pizza – Wholesome Yum
  5. Grilled Cheese – Kirbie Cravings
  6. Fritter – Just a Taste
  7. Bread Sticks – Posh in Progress
  8. Soup – The Girl Who Ate Everything


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