Here Are 9 of My Favorite Fedoras For Fall

Are you a hat person? I wasn’t much of a fashion hat person until really recently, but there are so many cute fedoras for fall that I’m crushing on right now.

For me, hats still remind me of my childhood. All those years on the softball field. (Yep, 12 years growing up – I was the short stop). My other history with hats takes me all the way back to the winters I’d be out in my front yard in Green Bay building snow forts. I always rocked the hats with the big ‘ole pom poms on top. The thought of wearing fedoras wasn’t really on my radar until a couple of years ago. I started wearing a lot more hats in the summer, mostly to protect my skin. I realized, I actually love how fedoras look.

fedoras for fall

{Stacey’s Look: Fedora; Lips; Nails; Bracelet; Top; Necklace; Ring}

The thing that’s so great about fedoras for fall is that there are so many cool options out there. You can literally find them in tons of different styles, with bows, satin ribbon, even feathers or pearls. I also love the option of being able to throw on a hat, especially on the weekends.

Let’s be real, I’m lucky if I manage to put on makeup on the weekend, so the option of a hat is great. I also love that fedoras, even in fall, can serve as sun protection. (Seriously, you can get sun damage year-round). A fedora is a great way to feel and look more pulled-together with very little effort.

If you’re interested in trying out some fedoras this fall, here are 9 of my current favorite fedoras for fall.

9 of My Favorite Fedoras For Fall

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So which ones do you like best? Are you wearing fedoras this fall?

Chico’s gifted me some of the items featured in this post. All opinions are my own.

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