Here are 5 Useful Tips for a Fun Day at Boston Common

boston commonWe’ve lived in Boston for nearly a year and we haven’t seen much of the city. This summer, I’ve tried to change that by planning little day trips to the city. Most recently, we visited Boston Common on a sunny Sunday morning in August, and we had a fantastic time.  If you’re considering a trip to Boston anytime soon, and want to check out Boston Common, here are a few of my tips.

1. Visit Boston in the Summer or Early Fall

If you get a chance to visit Boston, I’d highly suggest you come in the summer or early fall. I personally dread winter here and the spring wasn’t very nice either. Summers can also be pretty darn hot. So far, I’ve found late August and September are the best months in this city.

2. Plan Your Visit on a Sunday

On our recent trip to Boston Common, I also learned that going on early Sunday mornings is ideal. Why? Because parking is free on Sundays. We found street parking right in front of Boston Common, so we didn’t have to pay the extremely pricey garage rates.

3. Bring Your Kids’ Swim Suits and Change of Clothes

One thing we weren’t prepared for was the little Boston Common frog pond and nearby splash pad in the playground area. Our kids really wanted to venture into both water areas, but we didn’t have their suits or changes of clothes. Also, if you’re early risers like us, be prepared to wait a little while because the pond doesn’t actually open until 11am.

4. Carry Some Cash With You

There were several street vendors and the carousal that you might want to have cash with you. My kids asked to ride on the carousal and they also asked for one of the frozen lemonades, so having a little cash will just make transactions easier.

5. Bring Snacks or Visit My Favorite Bakery

If you visit in the morning or early afternoon, I’d highly suggest you check out Tatte Bakery on Boylston Street. I’ve been to Paris three times, and I have to tell you, the pastries at Tatte are even better than what I had in Paris. They are that good. But if you have little kids, then I’d also suggest you bring snacks. I always bring a cooler full of drinks and snacks for my kids. Nothing makes them grumpier or more likely to have a breakdown than being hungry.

Overall, we had a great morning at Boston Common. It really is the perfect day-trip if you’re in the Boston area. We will definitely head back in the fall to enjoy the changing leaves.


  1. Wicked Awesome! Boston rocks! I’m an old Cambridge gal! Represent!

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