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double buns

2018 is a year of change for me. I’ve been pushing myself in a lot of areas, to get more comfortable with uncertainty and change. This mentality has infiltrated all aspects of my life, including my fashion and style choices. I realized I was really stuck in a style and fashion rut. In general, I tend to play it safe in most of my life decision. I’ve been working to change that. I realize it’s a tiny step, but trying to rock double buns is one small example of my fresher approach to life.

I haven’t worn any version of pig tails since high school. Back then, I regularly wore double French braids, old school pig tails, or even pig tail braids. I wore them exclusively during volleyball season. Somehow, I thought I was being unique while also keeping my hair out of my face.  It was cute, but not really a look I wore on a daily basis.

{Stacey’s Look: Banana Republic Dress; Vintage Zodiac Necklace (similar); Banana Republic Heels (similar); Celine Glasses; Chloe Purse (similar); Shashi Earrings 1, 2,3; Ann Taylor Bangles 1, 2, 3}

Recently, I saw this photo of an influencer with two little double buns and her hair down. She looked so adorable and it didn’t feel ironic, it felt a little edgy and different. I’m personally getting a bit tired of the single, hair stuck to your head, bun. This felt like something new. So I tried it.

If I’m honest about my hair, I’m pretty boring with it. I almost always wear it down or in a basic pony tail. I’ve been wearing more buns lately, but I don’t do much to change it up. I have experimented with more colors lately. Earlier this year, it took on almost a red hue. Now, I’m working my way to blonde. I’m almost there. But when it comes to style, I don’t do much to change it, which is exactly why I thought I should try the double buns.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure I can pull it off, but the cutest thing happened. The morning that I shot this look, my kids came downstairs and they both told me how pretty I looked. As some backstory, they sometimes tell me they like my dress or they like my earrings, but they don’t usually tell me that I look pretty and then compliment me on several aspects of my look.

My daughter immediately asked me if I could style her hair just like mine so we could be twins. She also asked me when she could get her ears pierced because she said she liked my earrings so much. I did style her hair just like mine that day and even snapped a couple photos with them before school. They rarely want to pose with me, but for some reason, my little double buns inspired them.

The thing about this look I wanted to discuss is the fact that my dress is super basic but I made it completely different just by how I chose to style it. I opted to wear a lot of gold with this dress for two reasons. First, gold looks amazing against army green. Second, because the dress is pretty basic, I wanted to amplify the look with accessories.

If you’re wondering how I made my piggy buns. I parted my hair down the middle while it was still wet and put both sides up in high pig tails. I used a black elastic to hold the pig tail in place. Then, I wrapped each of the pony tails around the base until I had a little bun. I used a long bobby pin to secure it. If it isn’t obvious, my hair is super fine, so it doesn’t take much for me to hold my hair in place. I like to style it in buns when it’s wet so it stays in place even better. I tend to get a lot of fine hairs falling down, but when I style it wet, that helps to keep it in place.

I’m not sure I’ll wear double buns on a regular basis, well, except when my daughter wants to twin with me. I think I’d wear just about any hair style or outfit if she’d want to match me. I know soon enough, she won’t want anything to do with looking or dressing like me.

So what do you think of the double buns? Are there any other hairstyles you’re loving right now I should try?

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  1. Princess Leaha just a little not completely. You can pull it off because you are such a young thing.

  2. Brandy Freeman says:

    Omgosh! I love this look on you. You look amazing!

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