How to Make 10 Cool Slime Recipes Your Kids Will Love

How to Make 10 Cool Slime Recipes Your Kids Will LoveAfter a long day at work, I hurriedly rush into my kids’ preschool, only to find them covered in slime. I’m tired. It’s been a long day. Now I get to help peel slime off their hands, clothes, arms, so they won’t taint my car with that sticky messy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing with slime when I was a kid and I think it’s cool my kids like it too. I just don’t love the clean-up afterward. But they love slime so much, I’ve pulled the 11 coolest slime recipes I could find.

Despite my hesitation for doing slime at home, we have made it a couple times. I did the borax and contact solution version, but there’s so many other slime recipes to try.

The good and bad thing about my kids being in preschool is that on the weekends they always ask me if they can do an ‘activity’. They are so programmed to go from one task to another, they often have difficulty entertaining themselves (hmm, sounds like another blog post I need to research). Since I’m an educator, it’s also in my dna to think of activities or mini lesson plans for them to do. However, I also don’t want to over-program my kids so they’re not able to play on their own. I’m still trying to figure out that balance.

But when I do want to create a fun activity for them, arts and crafts are what I turn to most often. Both of my kids love to color, draw, paint, play with play-doh, you name it. Since I’ve only ventured into the slime realm a couple times, it’s probably time for me to give it another go. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids this weekend, here are 11 cool slime recipes to try.

10 Cool Slime Recipes Your Kids Will Love

1. Rainbow Slime – Living Locurto

2. Clear Slime – Little Bins for Little Hands

3. Edible Starburst Slime – Teach Beside Me

4. Gold Slime – Fun a Day

5. Edible Fudge Slime – Little Bins for Little Hands

6. 3 Ingredient Slime – Sugar Spice and Glitter

7. Glow in the Dark Slime – Left Brain Craft Brain

8. Shampoo Slime (Gluten Free) – Fun with Mama

9. Spring Slime – Natural Beach Living

10. Jello Slime – Little Bins for Little Hands


  1. Thank you for including my 3-ingredient slime! It’s definitely one of our most popular. Pinning.

    1. Of course! Thank you. It’s a great recipe! Slime is the best:)

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