These Yummy Sticky Cinnamon Buns Are So Easy to Make

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How do you celebrate Easter with your family? Brunch is a major Easter tradition in many households and since my family loves breakfast foods, I’m planning to create a whole spread for them. I’ve never made sticky cinnamon buns before, so when I teamed up with Pillsbury™, I was excited to create these sticky cinnamon buns.

This recipe is so beyond delicious. Every bite is better than the last. The best part about this recipe is just how simple it is to make these sticky cinnamon buns. All you need is a can of Pillsbury Grands!™ Refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls, pecans, brown sugar, honey (or corn syrup), and butter. You can find all of these ingredients at Walmart, along with all the other baking items you might need to prep for Easter.

I’m definitely planning to making these sticky cinnamon buns for Easter. This is actually the first time I’ve used the Pillsbury Grands!™ Cinnamon Rolls and I’m blown away by their convenience and taste. I’ll definitely be a regular shopper from now on. There’s nothing quite like a fresh from the oven cinnamon roll and my kids love them.

This is the second year my kids really understand the whole Easter and Easter bunny concept, so I plan to go all-out in the planning. I’m even working on an Easter basket post for you all later in March. If you’re looking for recipe inspiration this spring, I actually visited the Pillsbury™ website and they have tons of fun recipes that utilize both their cinnamon rolls and their crescent rolls. I grew up eating crescent rolls all the time. My mom made them for holidays and she wrapped hot dogs in them for weeknight meals, so I definitely have an affinity for them.

I hope you’ll give this simple and delicious sticky cinnamon bun recipe a try this spring and let me know what you think!

5 Ingredient Sticky Cinnamon Buns

(makes 10)

2 Pillsbury Grands!™ Refrigerated Cinnamon Roll Containers
10 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
10 Teaspoons Honey
½ Cup Chopped Pecans
10 Tablespoons Butter

Preheat oven to 375. Melt one tablespoon of butter into each of 10 muffin tin circle. Place muffin tin tray in oven until the butter is melted, approximately 2-3 minutes.

Remove the muffin tray from the oven and add one tablespoon of brown sugar and one teaspoon of honey to each of the 10 muffin circles and mix carefully with a spoon to incorporate the butter, sugar, and honey. Next, add chopped pecans until there is a single layer of nuts covering each of the 10 circles.

Open the Pillsbury Grands!™ Cinnamon Rolls and push one of the rolls into each of the 10 circles on the muffin tray. Don’t push too hard, but make sure the edges are inside the circle (if you push too hard, butter might leak out).

Bake for 12-14 minutes, until golden brown. Let cool for five minutes. Place a cookie sheet on top of the muffins and flip over the pan. All 10 muffins should come out face-up. If any of them get stuck, use a knife to gently coax them out. If any of them get stuck and flip over, you can add the sticky pecan topping back onto the roll.

Enjoy warm or at room temperature.

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