How to Get This Sensual Berry Toned Holiday Makeup Look

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum. All opinions are my own.

Are you heading to any holiday parties this year? If you’re planning a special night out to celebrate the holidays or New Years, you should try this berry colored holiday makeup look.

To be honest with you, I tend to get stuck in a makeup rut. I wear the same black or brown eyeliner, the same brown shimmery shadows, and the same coral blush. Don’t get me wrong, I like my everyday makeup look, but I need to shake things up.

The holidays are a great time for me to try a new makeup look because I celebrate the holidays, New Years, my anniversary, and my birthday all within a two week period of time. I’m planning to rock this berry makeup look when we venture out to celebrate this year.

If you’d like to try this look, here are the steps you can follow to get this berry colored holiday makeup look. 

Berry Holiday Makeup Look

1. Start with Serum

Right after I wash my face, I always apply a moisturizing serum. Lately, I’ve been using NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum. It helps create volume and sculpt my skin by filling in the look of wrinkles and improving the appearance and laxity of my skin. Serum also creates a nice smooth base to then apply a primer or your foundation/concealer. 

2. Moisturize

I always wear an SPF 30 or higher on top of my serum. Even in the winter, I want to avoid any unnecessary sun exposure on my face. Plus, winter can be very drying on the skin, so it’s always good to add another layer of moisture.

3. Apply Foundation/Concealer

Depending on your skin, you might want to wear a full face of foundation, or simply apply concealer to splotches or blemishes. I tend to wear concealer around my nose (to cover redness) and under my eyes (to hide dark circles). I like to use as little as possible just to create a smooth and even complexion, without looking like I’m wearing too much makeup. 

4. Add Black Liner

I like to wear black liner on my top lashes with a slight wing on the end to extend my eyes a bit. If applying eyeliner is a challenge for you, check out this story for some useful tips.

5. Create a Smoky Eye

To get a berry smoky eye, you will do just like you would with other colors. Start with a lighter shade all over your eyelid, then take a darker shade and swipe it just along your brow bone. Finish with an even darker shade in the outer corner of the eye to create that smoky look. You can take it up another level by adding dark shadow along the lower lash line too.

6. Add Berry Blush

I always like to add a pop of color to my cheeks. Try to find a berry toned blush that works with your skin tone. I personally like to use powder and cream blushes, it just depends on the brand for what looks best on my skin. If your skin tends to be very dry, a cream blush might be better for you.

7. Layer on the Mascara

I love mascara. It’s the best thing to open up the look of your eyes and really make your look pop. I have at least two coats on, but you don’t have to break the bank on mascara. My favorite is from the drugstore. Just don’t be shy with the application.

8. Finish with Berry Lips

To complete the look, I add a berry lipstick and then I top it with a shiny gloss. You might need to try a few different shades to find the berry color that looks best on your skin tone. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

I hope you like this simple berry colored holiday makeup look as much as I do. I’m especially obsessed with how soft and smooth my skin looks from the serum and how bold the lips look with the gloss on top. I think this look is absolutely perfect for any holiday party you might attend this year. Drop me a line if you have any questions about how I got it!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum.

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