25 STEM Activities for Kids You Need to Know

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25 STEM Activities for Kids You Need to Know

Do you do STEM activities with your kids? I bet you do and you don’t even realize it. A lot of the activities we do with our kids naturally include science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but we just don’t talk about it with them.

For my day job, I actually work for a university to try to get elementary, middle and high school kids interested in STEM. Currently, I work with schools, museums, afterschool programs, and other places where people learn about STEM (think zoos, aquariums, etc.). In the U.S. and globally, we don’t have enough people going into these STEM jobs. Even worse, we still don’t have equal representation of women or people of color in STEM jobs. Even a lot of our STEM jobs are being outsourced to other places. Basically, we have a bit of a crisis and we need our kids to be more interested in STEM.

25 STEM Activities for Kid You Need to Know. Be sure to visit WowWee today to buy Minion MiP and Botsquad in time for the holidays!Kids are natural scientists – they ask questions, they are creative, they interrogate their worlds. They seek answers to complex questions all the time. The thing is, somewhere along the line, a lot of us lose that inquisitive nature and creativity, but we don’t have to. The next time you’re doing an activity with your child that incorporate STEM, talk to them about the scientific topics, tell them they are being a scientist or an engineer. It’s really that simple to start incorporating STEM into their lives. By reinforcing that STEM is cool, your kids will begin to internalize that they are scientists (here’s a great article to get your kids to think like scientists).

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If you want to try some STEM activities for kids, here are 25 different things you can do to get them excited about STEM.

25 STEM Activities for Kids

1. Read STEM-Themed Books (here and here)
2. Play with Robots
3. Build a Marshmallow Tower
4. Make Balancing Robots
5. Play with Magnet Blocks
6. Blow Up Magic Balloons
7. Design a Popsicle Stick Catapult
8. Try a Skittles Science Experiment
9. Let Your Kids to Bake with You
10. Build Car Ramps Using Paper Tubes
11. Create a Rain Shelter
12. Build a Gumdrop Bridge
13. Try Fishing with Magnets
14. Make Seed Beads
15. Start a Rock Collection (30 ways to play with rocks)
16. Build a Bug Hotel
17. Go on a Nature Walk (and Talk about Nature)
18. Create Art with Milk
19. Make Balloon Hovercrafts
20. Create Magnetic Trees
21. Build Pool Noodle Structures
22. Get a Marble Run
23. Plant and Grow Seeds
24. Make Slime
25. Make a Tornado in a Bottle

I hope you find these STEM activities for kids helpful. If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear about them!

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