3 Reasons Why You Should Try Bell Sleeve Tops This Fall

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Bell Sleeve Tops This Fall
One of my very favorite fall 2017 fashion trends is bell sleeve tops. Last week, I shared some of my other favorite trends, in case you missed it.

1. You’re Bringing Back the 90s, But in a Good Way

I’ve liked bell sleeve tops forever. Do you remember that puffy shirt episode on Seinfeld? I even liked it then. It wasn’t quite a true bell-sleeve, as much as layers of puff, but that look is definitely back this fall too. Here’s a great example (on sale!). Sure, the bell sleeve and puffy sleeve looks have toned down a bit since that Seinfeld look, but I think they feel fresher this time around.

2. Bell Sleeve Tops Make Basics More Interesting

I definitely still get a 90s vibe from the bell sleeve tops, but I like that they also incorporate some other trends this season. Off-shoulder mixed with bell sleeve is a combination that I think is pretty cool. I also like a one-shoulder with the bell sleeve. I’ve also noticed a lot of button-down tops are incorporating the bell sleeve. I’m a fan of this combination because I think button downs can be so boring. Adding the bell sleeve adds a fashion element to an otherwise boring piece.

3. There are Tons of Options at Affordable Prices

If you’re up for trying out this fall 2017 trend, here are some of my favorite bell sleeve tops, a lot of which are completely affordable. Do you think you’ll try out this trend this fall?

Bell Sleeve Tops

Scroll right for more of my favorites!

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