3 Easy Ideas for How to Wear Floral Off Shoulder Dresses

I love floral off shoulder dresses because they feel so light, airy and romantic for spring and summer. I’m also so glad that stores aren’t only carrying obvious styles – read white eyelet or lace – but also vibrant colors and interesting floral prints.

The only issue I have with the off shoulder dresses is that I personally think it is difficult for a lot of women to pull off. The fact that you have to go braless or wear a strapless bra can make floral off shoulder dresses more challenging to wear. I’m not the biggest fan of strapless bras. If you are on the hunt for floral off shoulder dresses this spring, here are my three tips.

{Stacey’s Look: Banana Republic Dress ; Ettika Necklace; Chloe Wedges; Chanel Purse (similar)}


Unless you’re one of the lucky ladies who doesn’t need to wear a bra, you need a strapless bra. I highly suggest you get yourself a good quality strapless bra in a neutral color. I personally own a beige one because beige is invisible under white clothing and can be worn with literally any color clothing. A white or black strapless would be OK too, but you might be limited in terms of what you can wear it under. For example, have you noticed how wearing a white bra under a white top actually shows through more than a nude/beige bra? If not, test it out, I promise nude undergarments are better, even if they aren’t that pretty.


If you’re going to wear an off the shoulder top or dress, I think you should pull your hair back. The benefit of the off shoulder dresses is the fact that they show off your neck, chest, and shoulders. It can feel like a lot of skin, but I personally think the whole point of these tops and dresses is to show off your shoulders and neck in the summer.

The decolletage is such a gorgeous part of a woman’s body and it is sexy without being overly revealing. I personally love the way off shoulder tops and dresses look when women wear their hair up in a bun or ponytail.


Since I suggest you wear your hair up, I also suggest skipping heavy jewelry. Either wear a really petite necklace or long earrings. This is a conscious style choice I made when styling my off shoulder dress because I wanted that area to be the focal point and not detract from the ruffles of the dress. If you do wear a necklace, just make sure it is subtle. Long earrings are also a good choice because they draw attention to your face and upward, so your entire upper body is really the star of this look.

When you’re deciding what purse to carry, I suggest something small and not too flashy to make sure the floral off shoulder dresses really stand out as the star. Since floral prints can be pretty busy, you want to keep the shoes and bag pretty simple so that they don’t clash with the print.

If you’re looking for floral off shoulder dresses for this spring and summer, here are some of my current favorites.

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