6 Things You Need to Know About Gift Subscription Boxes

gift subscription boxesWhat do you get those people in your life who are impossible to shop for? Gift subscription boxes might the answer. For me, subscription boxes make the perfect gift for several reasons.

1. It’s Fun to Get Mail

Even though our world is so tech-driven right now, I think a lot of people long for the good ‘ole days. I personally love receiving things in the mail. Nearly every time I check the mail, I eagerly go through the stack. Generally, I find nothing but bills. Every now and then, I’ll get a little card or something that will totally make my day. Receiving subscription gift boxes is like a breath of fresh air. It is so fun to get something in the mail and if you have a monthly or quarterly box, you’ll always be surprised when it arrives.

2. There is a Surprise Inside Every Time

Besides the surprise of the box arriving each month or quarter, you will likely be surprised by what’s inside. Many of the gift subscription boxes I’ve received are cultivated by the company, so you never know what you’re going to get. Generally, it is so much fun to go through and see all the unique products you can find inside. When I received my CAUSEBOX, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of items I received. It was so neat to receive so many different types of items to try.

3. You Get to Try New Things

One of my favorite part about giving and receiving gift subscription boxes is the chance to try out new things. One time, I bought my sister a subscription to a beauty gift box because she never makes the time to go to the beauty store to try out new products. She’s a super busy working mom and she loved receiving the box every month to try out samples of products she could then try and decide if she wanted to invest in the full-size of the product.

4. You Can Support Small Businesses

One thing I especially love about CAUSEBOX is that I get to support small businesses that they cultivated inside each of the boxes. Although I totally support the idea of small businesses, I tend to buy from larger retails for convenience reasons. This particular gift subscription box allows the best of both worlds. You get to try out lots of unique products while also supporting small businesses.

5. The Gifts Can Do Good

Not only do some gift subscription boxes support small businesses, CAUSEBOX, for example, also supports people around the world. The products inside CAUSEBOX help provide jobs, meals, education, clean water, and more to countless women, men, and children around the world. They have also donated more than 20,000 meals since they started.

6. You Can Buy Your Gift Online

Giving a gift subscription box is one of the reasons. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to give a gift online. I also happen to love that CAUSEBOX and many other retailers, accept PayPal! I love being able to support small businesses from the comfort of my own home. Using PayPal allows me to access my accounts without having to break out my wallet or credit cards. As an added bonus, PayPal is offering free return shipping this holiday season. Called Return Shipping On Us, PayPal is offering free returns on items up to $30 for up to 11 purchases.

These are just 6 of the reasons I think giving gift subscription boxes make great presents for Christmas. If you still haven’t figured out what to get that difficult-to-buy-for person on your list, definitely check out CAUSEBOX. I’m so happy with the box I received and I can’t wait until the person on my list receives their first quarterly box!

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