Red Asymmetrical Jacket

red-asymmetrical-jacket-02I’ve owned this red asymmetrical jacket for several years. It rotates in and out of my closet every few months. I literally move it into a storage closet when I get tired of it, and then a few seasons later, I’ll grab it to add to my current wardrobe. I only get tired of it because it has such a specific style, I can’t wear it too often.

red-asymmetrical-jacket-01red-asymmetrical-jacket-03{Stacey’s Look: Jacket (similar), Ann Taylor Skirt (similar), Fendi Sunglasses, Jennifer Meyer Necklace, Zoe Chicco Necklace, Chanel Bracelet (similar), Banana Republic Purse (similar), Freda Salvador Booties (similar), Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss}

red-asymmetrical-jacket-04Every time I do wear it, I remember why I love it so much. It’s one of those pieces that always feels special because of the cool asymmetrical zipper and the large rose detail on the shoulder.

red-asymmetrical-jacket-05I usually preach sensible style and I try to limit the statement pieces I buy because they just aren’t as versatile. I try to save the statement pieces to my accessories because they are generally less expensive or have longevity (read: high-end purses and shoes!).

red-asymmetrical-jacket-07But this red asymmetrical jacket was an exception because I could not pass up the cool details of the zipper and the rose. Every time I wear this jacket I receive compliments on it because it is just that unique. Unfortunately, it is long-since sold-out at Anthropologie. But if you’re in the market for an asymmetrical jacket, here are a few more pieces I love:

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