Practical or Posh: Leather Midi Skirt

leather mini skirtIs it just me or are leather skirts like a major fashion trend this fall? Everywhere I look, I see more leather, or ‘vegan’ leather in skirts, pants, and clothing accents.

My current favorite leather piece is a leather midi skirt (if you haven’t noticed, I really love the midi skirt shape). I love a leather midi skirt because they are so much more flattering on all figures than a leather mini skirt is. Plus, I really love the subtle sexiness of a knee length skirt over something shorter.

Another great thing about the leather midi skirts I’ve seen is that they are generally simple shapes, either a-line or pleated, so if you invest in one, it should last you for several seasons. A leather midi skirt is one of those pieces you can have in your closet for years, but just bring it out when the trend (inevitably) comes around again.

If you aren’t ready to drop $300 or more on a true leather version, you should check out all the ‘vegan’ or faux leather versions out there. They look so much like the real thing, but for literally a fraction of the price. Here are two great versions, one in real leather and one in faux leather that highlight the leather midi skirt trend while being a practical addition to your fall wardrobe.

Kiind of Starrett – $99

Neiman Marcus – $480

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