Creeper Shoes (I Don’t Hate)

creeper shoes I don't hateI’m in London for work this week and I’ve seen more creepers in the last few days than I’ve ever seen in the U.S., which makes sense given their origin here. I’ve seen creepers popping up on fashion blogs for the past few seasons, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. To be honest, I generally don’t like creepers, especially if they are extra thick and ridiculously chunky. But there are exceptions to everything.

On the Tube today, I noticed this very fashionable girl wearing silver metallic creeper sandals and she looked so chic. She paired them with high-waisted ripped skinny jeans, a men-inspired t-shirt with a black sports bra underneath, and a slouchy leather backpack. I may not be imparting the best visual image of her style, but she just looked cool — totally like she wasn’t trying, not all that put together, but it just worked. She got me thinking that maybe there are some creeper shoes that I don’t hate. And sure enough. Here are some of my current favorite creeper shoes.

  1. Vince
  2. AGL
  3. Stella McCartney
  4. TUK
  5. Markus Lupfer
  6. Proenza Schouler
  7. Rachel Comey
  8. RAS
  9. PINKO
  10. Pons Quintana

Would you wear creeper shoes? Do you like any of my picks?

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