20 Summer Beach Essentials

summer beach essentials

Who’s headed to the beach this weekend? I wish I was–instead, we’re staying home and continuing potty training. Fun, fun! I’ve been missing the beach lately, which is the biggest negative of leaving California. Since I’m not actually getting a beach vacation this holiday weekend, I decided to daydream about all the things I’d bring with me. Here are my 20 summer beach essentials.

1. Swim Suit – A cute suit is the most important of all the summer beach essentials. I personally prefer a one piece because my beach weekends involve chasing around toddlers. But if you’re into bikinis, I’m loving the fun patterns and cutouts by Bikini Lab.
2. Floppy Hat – Wearing SPF is important, but I also wear a floppy hat to try and keep my face extra protected from the harsh summer sun.
3. SPF Powder – I tend to get really shiny, so an SPF powder is a great way to kill the shine and provide a bit more SPF protection.
4. Sunglasses – Cool sunglasses are another obvious must-bring to the beach. I am in love with these Fendi shades because of their interesting shape and funky design.
5. Headphones – How fun are these headphones, beach-friendly and girly.
6. A Chunky Piece of Jewelry – I like to bring a wooden necklace or bangle in my beach bag as a way to turn my kaftan into a casual dress look in case I want to head to lunch or happy hour after time at the beach.
7. Makeup Stick – If you are going to head to lunch or happy hour after several hours at the beach, I suggest you bring a makeup stick that can act as a blush, lipstick and highlighter.
8. Waterproof Mascara – I don’t wear much makeup to the beach, but I usually still wear mascara because it really opens up my eyes and makes me look more awake and lively.
9. Slides – Ditch your flip flops, they are so outdated. Instead, choose cool slides, which are the ‘it’ sandals for summer 2015.
10. SPF for Face – I never leave the house without at least an SPF 30. I prefer to use an SPF for my face and a separate one for my body. Coola was one of my favorite sunscreens I tested earlier this spring.
11. SPF for Body – I love this Dermalogica lotion (c/0) because it is water resistant and provides nice even coverage with an SPF of 50. It also has a lovely smell, doesn’t feel greasy, and no white streaks!
12. Chap Stick with SPF – People often forget to put SPF on their lips, and burnt lips does not feel good. I love this Badger chapstick (c/o) because it is one of the few I’ve found with an SPF over 15
13. A Good Book – If you get some downtime while you’re lounging, reading a good book is a relaxing way to pass the time.
14. Sarong or Kaftan – Unless I’m in the water or under an umbrella, I try to keep as covered up as possible to avoid too much sun, so a stylish kaftan is something I always pack in my beach bag.
15. Water Bottle – Whenever I travel, I always bring a water bottle with me because plastic bottles are horrible for the environment and there is almost always somewhere to refill your own bottle. This Kate Spade water bottle makes drinking water fun!
16. Beach Towel – Obvious, but why not choose a cute one that you can throw around your waist as an impromptu sarong?
17. A Fashion Magazine – I hardly ever have time to read magazines, so when I travel or get some down time, I always bring a fun fashion magazine with me.
18. Beach Bag – My favorite way to show off my personal style on the beach is with accessories, like a brightly colored or funky patterned beach tote.
19. Travel First Aid Kit – OK, this might be overkill, but if you have kids, or you’re an active beach go (playing sports, surfing, etc.), you might want to bring a little first aid kit with you.
20. Snacks – No beach trip is complete without snacks. For the kids, I bring all their favorite little animal-shaped crackers, but for me, I try to bring something a bit more healthy—fruit, baby carrots, or hummus and pita.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July weekend?

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