Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials 2015

best and worst super bowl commercials 2015

Like a lot of girls I know, we watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the half-time show. Katy Perry killed it, although her mic didn’t sound quite right.

I paid a little more attention to the actual game this year. I was cheering for the Seahawks, only because Russel Wilson is a fellow UW alumni.

The commercials were kind of boring this year, but there were a few that stood out (for better or worse). Here are my best and worst Superbowl commercials of 2015.

The Best

Middle Seat – Doritos

Hilarious. I usually choose the aisle seats when I fly (mostly for quick bathroom access), so I can totally relate. The lengths this guy went to, had me laughing out loud.

Positive Feelings – Loctite

Um, fanny packs and regular (read, nerdy) people busting a move. Ha. I was laughing out loud at this commercial. Plus, the hashtag is pretty funny too.

Invisible Mindy – Nationwide

I love Mindy. She cracks me up. I religiously watch the Mindy Project and I just find her so funny. “I didn’t want to kiss you either Matt Damon”. Ha!

Beautiful Lands – Jeep

I loved this Jeep commercial because it was beautiful. It gave me the chills. The way they captured the different places, the people — it was simply stunning to watch.

The Worst

Make Safe Happen – Nationwide

When it was over I said to my husband, “wow, that was depressing.” I mean, I understand it’s important to talk about accidental deaths, but this commercial was such a downer. No one wants to think about death (especially a child’s death) when they’re having fun with their friends and family watching the Superbowl. Instead of hearing their message, Nationwide killed my happy mood.

With Dad – Nissan

Another downer. While watching, I kept thinking the dad was going to get in a car crash and die, or the son was going to grow up to be a car driver, and crash. Neither of which happened. I didn’t feel any pull of my heart strings. I didn’t feel any connection to this dad. He doesn’t spend any time with his son because he’s a race car driver. Plus, I saw no connection to Nissan until the very end. Even then, the connection between the car and the commercial was minimal.

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