Etsy Christmas Decorations

etsy-christmas-decorationsFor me, the day after Thanksgiving isn’t just about scoring deals at the mall, it’s about getting out the Christmas decorations. I tend to put up the tree first because it just makes me happy. There’s just something about staring at the white lights and back-lit ornaments that gives me pure joy. So much joy in fact, that as a kid, I begged my mom to keep the tree up until my birthday in early January.

If you’re looking to spruce up your Christmas decorations or looking for something new, you should check out Etsy. I’m consistently amazed at just how many unique and special things you can find on there. To give you an idea, I chose 10 Etsy Christmas decorations I would love to display in my own home.

1.   Advent Calendar
2.   Custom Stockings
3.   Holiday Wreath
4.   NOEL
5.   Ornament Garland
6.   Dress Up Props
7.   Centerpiece
8.   Magnets
9.   Christmas Tree Lamp
10. Nativity Set

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration? When do you put up your Christmas decorations? Happy decorating!

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