My Perfect Lipstick Color

my-perfect-lipstick-final-mainLast week, I tried out 15 different lipstick shades attempting to find my perfect lipstick color. I asked for reader feedback and many of you left me comments on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and here in the comments section.

First, thank you for all of your comments and feedback. Reading your comments and seeing which colors you liked best was a lot of fun. Plus, it was interesting to find most of you chose similar favorites.

So onto the winners. Drumroll. There was a tie—dead even between #1 (Korres in Rose) and #8 (Nars in Cruella). Even better, I completely agree with these choices.

When I was trying all 15 shades, both of these colors stood out to me. I loved the Korres Mango Butter Lipstick because of how smooth and moisturizing it felt. I also loved the subtle rose color, a perfect enhancement to my natural lip color. The Nars lip pencil was also one of my favorites because I loved the how the pencil application created a perfectly defined lip without feathering. The vibrant red is striking and would be perfect for when I want to get fancy. Plus, my teeth look really white—gotta love that!

Going into this lipstick experiment, I really didn’t think I knew which lipstick colors would look best on me. But from the beginning, #1 and #8 were secretly the two I liked most–perfect day and evening choices. The readers confirmed what I guess I already knew, the colors  that really did look best on me.

So what do you think? Do you like the colors the readers who voted chose? What lipstick do I still need to try?



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