Lagree Fitness Review + Giveaway

lagree-fitness-methodI was invited to try out a new fitness studio called the Haute Room. I agreed to review the class and the Haute Room is giving one lucky reader 5 free classes! The opinions in the review are completely my own.

The Haute Room features the Lagree fitness method. Have you done pilates? Lagree is like Pilates on steroids. I’m always game to try a new fitness class. Since moving to California, I’ve tried a few versions of barre classes, Pilates and SUPing. When The Haute Room offered to let me try their class in their newly opened studio in Tustin, I was all for it.

When I arrived at the studio, I was greeted by loud club-like music and the owner, Lacy Travis, who was super fit and friendly (pictured top right corner and bottom left corner). The studio itself is fairly small, but clean and organized. There are roughly a dozen of the megaformer machines and some other equipment tucked neatly under the machines. When you walk in, you can change into your toe socks and store your personal belongings in the bench cubicles.

The Lagree method uses slow, controlled movements with constant tension on a megaformer.Lacy began by talking to me about what to expect and then walked me through how to use the megaformer. She explained how the red and yellow handles add extra resistance to the ‘carriage’, the part of the megaformer that moves on tracks. Since the megaformer is very similar to Pilates reformers, I didn’t require much instruction.

I picked the 7am class on Saturday. Since most sane people are still asleep, the class was small, with just me and one other new mom. We quickly connected on being new moms and talked about our desire to get back into shape. I asked her how she found the studio, since it just opened a week ago. She said she was referred by a friend. She chose the Haute Room because she was looking for a way to get in shape, post-baby, and really liked the class. In one week, she had already been 3-4 times.

I can see why she quickly got addicted to the class. The high-energy music, constant movement on and off the megaformer, and challenging moves throughout the 50 minute workout, left my muscles burning and my brow rather sweaty. Each move is supposed to be done slowly, and Lacy counted down for us and reminded us to slow down. She also modeled many of the moves so we could mimic her motions.

Early on in the workout, I realized just how out of shape my abs are. Apparently, two babies in two years has left me with hardly any ab strength. Lacy showed me modifications of the moves that were too advanced for my current strength level. She checked in with me regularly to make sure I wasn’t feeling any pain or having other issues. Other than extraordinarily weak abs, I was actually very impressed with how quickly I picked up most of the moves.

Overall impressions. Well, I’d definitely do it again. Unlike 30 minutes on the elliptical or stationary bike, Lagree is anything but boring. There is no time to be bored. Just when you get tired of doing one move, you are moving onto the next one. I like that the class is a whole body strength workout while also getting your heart rate up. It really seemed like a perfect cardio/strength combination workout. The day after my workout, my muscles were extremely sore all over–especially my core, a sure sign I got a good workout.

The drawbacks. There are two I can think of: the cost, and being able to find a location. If you life in southern California, or New York, you’re set, but it doesn’t appear Lagree has reached a lot of communities nation-wide, just yet. If you can’t find a Lagree Fitness Method studio, your next best choice would be Pilates. Although I think the price is a bit rich, the cost is comparable to other fitness studio memberships in my area. If you have the financial means, I think this class would definitely be a good investment in your health and fitness. And don’t forget your toe socks!

Win 5 Free Classes at The Haute Room

The Haute Room is offering 5 free classes for one lucky reader. To enter, you MUST be a resident of Orange County (or travel here regularly or be willing to drive here for the classes). For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post answering this question: How do you like to get in shape?

The contest is open until 11:59 pm PST on Sunday, July 6th.  The winner will be selected at random and posted on Monday, July 7th to contact me directly so I can send him/her the classes.  Good Luck!



  1. Kerry S. Kick says:

    I like to get in shape dancing (country) and/or running (training for next half marathon). I’ve been a dancer for a very long time, so barre, pilates, and exercise classes in general are great workouts! Thank you for the change to win these free classes! ~Kerry K.

  2. Lyndsey Upcraft says:

    I love pilates its the BEST work out with fast results. Nice post.

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