The Look at Three Pays: Cuffed Jeans and Lace Blouse

the-look-at-three-paysWhen I first saw this look, I was especially drawn to the ultra girly lace blouse and glam necklace paired with more casual cuffed jeans and booties. This spring, both lace and cuffed jeans are very on-trend and you don’t have to retire your booties quite yet since there are lots of ways to incorporate booties into your spring wardrobe.

No matter your budget, you can get this look. I personally believe in investing in quality pieces that you can wear for years to come. With this look, I would opt to spend a bit more on the booties, as quality shoes can last for a very long time. I would skip the higher price-tag jeans and instead pay a bit more for higher quality lace blouse.

There is also a time and place to pay more for statement jewelry. The decision would depend on how versatile the piece of jewelry would be in my wardrobe.

Here is the look with three very different price points. You can pick and choose which pieces are worth the higher price tag or opt for the less costly options.

The Low-Price Look: $103

  1. Necklace – $8.99
  2. Top – $16.99
  3. Jeans – $48.99
  4. Booties – $27.80

The Mid-Price Look: $1021

  1. Necklace – $598
  2. Blouse – $78
  3. Jeans – $205
  4. Booties (similar)- $140

The High-Price Look: $2315

  1. Necklace –  $1331.55
  2. Blouse – $250
  3. Jeans – $409
  4. Booties – $325

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