Christmas Gifts for Men Under $25

Christmas Gifts For Him Under $25Shopping for the men in my life always seems harder, somehow, than shopping for women. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up 12 unique Christmas gift ideas under $25 that should satisfy a broad range of men in your life.

1. 39 Piece Tool Kit

Even if your guy isn’t that handy, every guy likes to have a tool kit around the house for little handy jobs.  This kit is compact, organized and utilitarian.

2. Stanley Flask

Compact, stainless steel and rust-proof, this flask has staying-power. Many men already carry them to tailgating or other outdoor outings, so the slim profile and durability will ensure this lasts for years.

3. Leather I-Phone Case

If your man prefers sleek and sophisticated for his I-phone case.

4. Whisky Stones

Hard liquor and innovation is a potent combination. Made out of soapstones, they chill drinks without watering them down.

5. Wallet Bottle Opener

Most guys I know love beer. This bottle opener fits neatly inside their wallet like a credit card, for convenient beer-drinking whenever, wherever they may find themselves.

6. The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Man Skills

If your man is like mine, he loves survival shows and having the skills needed to survive (even though its completely unlikely he’ll ever be in a situation where he is stranded in Antarctica without any food or shelter). This comical book will make him laugh while giving him more useless knowledge.

7. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit

Most men that I know aren’t all that into skin care, but this kit seems like it would make shaving a lot more fun.

8. Mr. Bar-B-Q 18 Piece BBQ Tools

I’ll come up with any excuse to get my husband to cook and even if your guy doesn’t like to cook, I bet he likes to grill-out. Give him some additional incentive with this nice grilling tool set.

9. Spock and Roll USB Flash Drive

Star Trek puns always win.

10. Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap on a Rope

Give your man the gift of clean skin in a fun and useable way.

11. The Onion Book of Known Knowledge

If you aren’t familiar with The Onion, it’s a hilarious sartorial news source, which was founded by two students at my Alma Mater, UW-Madison, which, of course, makes me partial. If your guy has a good sense of humor, he is sure to find this book entertaining (and it has very high reader reviews on various retail websites).

12. Eddie Bauer Wooden Pocket Knife

Most men love a good gadget. One that has utility and can be carried in his pocket seems like a great choice for a Christmas present.

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