O.M.G. Posh – What’s Hot for Halloween

Oh My Gosh, Posh for Halloween

Here are a few things I’d love to have, with Halloween in mind.

  1. Spiders are probably the insects that scare me the most, but somehow I find this cup and saucer so chic.
  2. I didn’t think it was possible to find vampire fangs cool, but Bittersweets NY did it with their baby vamp ring set.
  3. You can never go wrong with a red pump. My first thought was how devilish (and feisty) I’d feel wearing these pumps for a night out.
  4. Is it just me, or are pumpkin food items everywhere this fall? These chocolate caramel pumpkins really stood out in the crowd though because they are just so darn adorable!  They would make such a fun fall treat and cute edible decoration for Halloween or Thanksgiving.
  5. The skull trend has been around for a couple seasons now, but Alexander McQueen has made it his signature.  Skulls haven’t really been my thing previously, but I could certainly get behind this trend if I were carrying this snakeskin skull clutch to a chic Halloween party.
  6. I wouldn’t mind passing this green-eyed cat handbag on the street.
  7. This dress would have me feeling as sexy and spooky as Elvira.

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