OMG Posh – Back to School Special


Each September, as the leaves start to change and the air gets crisp, I remember what the weeks leading back to school felt like. I always looked forward to back to school shopping. Even picking out notebooks and pencils seemed fun. I mean, what was cooler than the trapper-keeper?

Since Rocco isn’t close to going to school yet, I decided to satiate my nostalgia by creating my own back to school wish list.

  1. I was not loving the comeback of the 90s era leather backpack, but when I saw this version in black python, I was sold.
  2. A sleek and modern desk calendar.
  3. A versatile fall jacket that reminds me of a high school varsity jacket, but much more stylish, and with a hood!
  4. I’m not much for having books around when you can find most anything on the web, but a pink thesaurus is a definite exception.
  5. A practical and cute lunch tote makes PB and J not so boring.
  6. Perfect and timeless, these riding boots would spur campus envy.
  7. A chic leather notebook might make note-taking even a bit fun.


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