Three Ways to Wear Shorts


I’ve been leery of wearing shorts since I was in high school and I became self-conscious about my thighs.  Like most girls, I have my areas that I prefer to keep covered.  But in recent years, I’ve realized that my insecurities about my thighs were unjustified.  No, I shouldn’t be rocking the 2013 version of the 90s daisy dukes I avoided back then, but my legs are plenty worthy of a walking short or a mid-thigh length.  Since I am certainly not the only woman to ban shorts from her closet, I wanted to show three ways to wear shorts even if you are a bit timid.


For the work look, I chose knee-length crisp white Bermuda shorts, which are both work-appropriate (unless you work in only the most conservative environments) and provide the leg coverage many women crave.  I paired them with a striped blazer for a bit of edge, and a bright blouse for a pop of color underneath.  The semi-wedges I chose play up the stripes in the blazer but add some visual interest to showcase your lower legs.

The look: 1) shoes; 2) tote; 3) blouse; 4) blazer; 5) shorts; and 6) watch.


The evening outfit is all about an edgier rocker look.  Leather shorts are everywhere, with many in bolder colors.  For evening, I prefer a darker color pallet, and I like the versatility of black leather shorts, as they could be worn for many different occasions.  If you are going to invest in something like leather shorts (or anything leather for that matter), choosing a more neutral color will ensure you can get more wears out of the item. I chose these shorts because of their simple shape, just-right inseam length and rich leather.  I paired the shorts with a perforated faux leather top and sky-high heels with a bit of graphic interest. Nothing showcases a women’s legs better than stilettos.  In this case, they just might be worth the pain.

The look: 1) heels; 2) clutch; 3) shirt; 4) earrings; 5) ring; and 6) shorts.


Weekends should be about comfort, but you don’t have to sacrifice style.  I chose a longer length denim short for the more skeptical shorts-wearer with a darker wash that is universally flattering.  The graphic t-shirt gives a pop to an otherwise simple outfit.  Since the colors in the top and denim shorts are all neutral, I chose a shoe in a complementary color with a vibrant orange.  Although I generally don’t recommend a flat, this version is stylish enough that it will make for the perfect run-around weekend choice.  Finally, a wide-brimmed straw hat is the perfect pop of style with the added sun protection we all need.

The look: 1) sandals; 2) tote; 3) t-shirt; 4) shorts; 5) hat and 6) necklace.

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