Pour La Victory: How To Get Deals on eBay


When it comes to shopping for fashion, some people really enjoy the process – browsing stores, strolling through malls, trying things on, etc., while others would skip all of that just to find a good deal.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle.  I actually prefer using the internet to find items and then hit the mall to see them in person. When I already know what I’m looking for, eBay is a hugely valuable resource because I can simply get more for my money on both new and used pieces.

Recently, as the result of an intense spring closet cleaning, I noticed my summer shoe wardrobe was in desperate need of an upgrade. I needed a versatile pair of sandals that could be work-appropriate but also comfy enough for daily wear. Earlier this season, I had my eye on sandals that featured black and brown color blocking, like these ones I love from Chloe. The combination of black and a darker brown adds a cool dimension to otherwise simple sandals.

My hunt for these sandals started one Sunday evening on eBay. After checking out some of my favorite sellers and brands, I happened upon this pair of Pour La Victoire sandals. My next move was to compare prices with other retailers online. I found that the Pour La Victoire’s I wanted retailed for $225 (currently on sale for $128), but the eBay seller had started the bidding at a mere $9.99!

The slight downside about eBay is that sometimes you have to curb your enthusiasm about a potential deal and wait.  The days ticked down at what felt like glacial pace. I crossed my fingers hoping the bidding would remain low, and when the auction ended, I scored them for a measly $11.50 (plus shipping).

Now, this pair didn’t come with a box, but they were in otherwise perfect unworn condition.  I am super excited with my 90% savings, on top of finding an item I love that is so versatile.  The thing I love most about eBay is that if I’m willing to put in the time to do the searches and watch the items, I can almost always find what I have been obsessing over at a steep discount.


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