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10 Cool and Fashionable Wide Brim Hats for Women

I finally jumped on the wide brim hats bandwagon and I’m not looking back. Judith March recently gifted this gorgeous white wide brim fedora and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is quite outside of my normal style, but I’m here for it. 

Are You a Hat Person?

Case in point, the other day, my photog said to me, “you’re not a hat person.” It wasn’t a rhetorical question, it was a statement. This was actually in reference to a recent post I did wearing a trucker hat on Instagram. Yet, the sentiment extends to all forms of hats.

{Stacey’s look: wide brim fedora hat, dress, jacket, bag, boots, all jewelry}

The truth is, I only wear hats for utility, not for style. I’ve often talked to my dear friend Terri about how amazing she looks in hats. She wears beanies and wide brim hats for women, and she always looks so stylish no matter what type of hat she wears. I’ve always struggled to know how to style hats correctly. Every now and then I might wear a cute sun hat (like in this recent post). But most of the time, you’ll only catch me in a baseball hat or an ugly sun hat, both as means to protect my face from the sun. I actually wear a hat nearly every day for that reason. 

When this new large brim fedora hat arrived, it actually sat on my dresser for a long time. I admired it, but I honestly did not know how I was going to style it. Then, the night before my shoot, I realized that the off-white fedora would look really great with army green. I own a lot of army green, as I think it’s one of the more flattering colors with my olive skin tone. 

I absolutely love how this look came together. The hat feels like weightier wool, so it’s definitely giving me fall, winter, or spring vibes much more than summer. Thus, I thought it would pair really well with suede, which I also tend to avoid in the summer but opt to wear pretty much the rest of the year.

The hat definitely feels like the star of this look because the rest of the outfit is so neutral. I love that the browns play off each other but they don’t match perfectly. I also matched my sunglasses with the tons of the hat. The glasses have some gold accents to mimic the gold feathers in the hat, while the frames are actually off-white, just like the hat. There are also some gold hardware details on the bag that go so well with the gold in the wide brim women’s hat.

I’m glad I stepped outside of my fashion comfort zone and tried a large brim fedora. I think it’s a really fun look and such a departure from my normal style. If you’re looking for more spring fashion posts, click here. If you’d like to shop for cute wide brim hats, check out some of my favorites below.

Wide Brim Hats for Women

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