Here are 9 Beautifully Embellished Long Winter Coats You’ll Love

embellished long winter coat 2
It finally feels like winter in LA. I actually turned the heat on this past week. December and January are our coldest months, so I’m taking advantage of the colder weather and snagging some cute coats during the winter sales. This embellished long winter coat is so stylish and a fun addition to my coat wardrobe. I’m definitely planning to bring it with me to D.C. next month.

{Stacey’s Look: Jacket; Dress (similar); Heels (similar); Bag (similar)}

What is an Embellishment?

In sewing and crafts, an embellishment is anything that adds design elements and interest to items. In fashion, I think of embellishments as details that really change the feel of a piece. It doesn’t just have to be sparkles, gems, or sequins. Lace, beads, buttons, zippers, buckles, embroidery, etc. can all be considered an embellishment. This dress is a great example. This is a very basic black cotton dress. But, when you add a diagonal zipper down the entire length of the dress, it is suddenly a much more dramatic and visually interesting piece.

How to Style an Embellished Long Winter Coat

The thing I love most about an embellished long winter coat is that it is a versatile piece that goes well with most looks. I love the idea of an embellished coat because it instantly transforms an otherwise bland or casual look. Take the dress I paired it with. It is a very basic beige wrap dress. But when you top that with this coat, it instantly looks way more dressed up and chic. I also love wearing an embellished long winter coat with 90s style baggy jeans, a cropped sweater, and some chunky sneakers. It looks super cute to pair a fancier jacket with streetwear or more casual wear. This long winter overcoat also looks great with a pencil skirt or a maxi dress. I just personally prefer knee-length dresses. 

The Fit of Long Winter Coats

My coat is especially oversized, so you will want to pay attention to the fit of the clothes you pair it with. For example, I did suggest chunky sneakers and baggy jeans, but the shoes really stand up to the oversized jacket and the cropped sweatshirt shows off your shape even if it’s a bit lost in the larger jeans. The big jeans, the small top look is so very on-trend right now, so it does work well with this embellished long overcoat. 

The other thing about this long winter coat is that it doesn’t look so great closed because it is so bulky. I prefer to wear it open so you can see the close fit of my dress underneath. This is how you create the right balance with baggier pieces. This is also the reason I usually opt for jackets or coats that create a defined waistline. I prefer trench-style jackets, or coats that have built-in seaming, belting or pull-tabs at the waist. Yet, I do still enjoy wearing more drop waist or drop shoulder jackets, like this one. So, then I know I need to create a shape underneath the coat. I also did it here with this drop shoulder jacket.

embellished long winter coat
I’m so in love with this embellished long winter coat. I definitely think they make a great choice, especially for days you’re tired of the cold and gloomy weather. Adding a fun color and fun details really do transform a look and will instantly brighten your mood.

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9 Embellished Long Winter Coats I Love

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