5 Smart Reasons You Need a Faux Suede Moto Jacket This Fall

faux suede moto jacket
I own probably half a dozen moto jackets, or more – really. It’s a bit of an obsession. I love moto jackets because they are the perfect fall layer and also super versatile for living in southern California. I recently got a new brown faux suede moto jacket and it’s definitely going to be one of my wardrobe staples this year. If you’re looking to add a new fall layer to your wardrobe, here are 5 reasons I think you should get a faux suede moto jacket this fall.

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5 Reasons You Need a Faux Moto Jacket

faux suede moto jacket 2

1. Versatile

A faux suede jacket is super versatile. It looks really great with denim and a tank, but also looks super cute over a bodycon dress, like I’m wearing. You can add a moto jacket for the perfect fall layer. It adds a streamlined look to your outfit without being too bulky. 

2. Comfortable

I personally think faux suede jackets are much more comfortable than traditional suede, leather or faux leather jackets. Faux suede is stretchier, yet really holds up well. They look really nice without breaking the bank.

3. Environmentally-Friendly

If you’re at all concerned about animal welfare or the environment, choosing a faux suede or faux leather might be a better choice. Of course, you also need to consider fast fashion, so I would choose a faux suede jacket that you will keep in your closet for several years or look for a resale option.

4. Classic

A faux suede jacket is so classic. The shape always stays in style and you can wear it with so many different looks. I have some moto jackets in my closet that I’ve had for 5+ years and they are still as relevant today as they were 5 years ago. I have a few leather jackets that are more than a decade old, and they still feel fresh. You really can’t go wrong with a faux suede moto jacket. I am confident it will be in style for years to come, as long as you avoid a jacket that isn’t too detailed. For example, I would suggest avoiding one with fringe or embellishments, as those can age the jacket. A classic moto is always going to be in style.

5. Affordable

Unlike authentic suede, faux suede jackets are super affordable. As I said before, they also hold up so well and they are extremely versatile. I personally think you can find faux suede jackets that look just like the real thing, but you have the added benefit of saving money, and helping the environment. 

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Faux Suede Moto Jackets Under $100

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