Double Breasted Dress: How to Style This Unique Piece

I recently got this chic double breasted dress. I actually bought it to wear at NYFW, but ended up canceling the trip. last minute. Although I love that this dress can be worn as a dress, I actually chose to wear it as a long blazer. 

What Does Double Breasted Mean?

Double-breasted refers to a style of clothing, typically a suit jacket or coat, that has two parallel columns of buttons and overlapping front flaps. The two sets of buttons allow the jacket or coat to be fastened in two different ways, creating a distinctive look.

People often associate the double-breasted style with formal or business attire, but it can be more casual clothing such as jackets and blazers. The double-breasted style can be traced back to military uniforms, and it remains a classic and timeless look in men’s and women’s fashion.

How to Style Blazer Dress

double breasted dress 2 stacey freeman
I recently wore this exact look to an interview, and they complimented me on the look. I think it’s a perfect interview look for a fashion-forward industry, like being a content creator. This would also work great for a more fashion-forward Friday casual look if you work in a more conservative office setting. If you do need to dress up the look, you could pair it with dress slacks and a white button-down. Even though this jacket has pops of ivory, I think it would still look great with a white button down. I chose to wear a white scoop neck tee underneath the double breasted blazer dress I wore as a jacket, and I think it worked perfectly. Whites and ivories, and even this green color, all act as neutrals in this look.

This double breasted long sleeve blazer dress I found is such a fun piece because it is so versatile. You could easily wear it as a dress or as a blazer. The only thing I don’t like about this specific double-breasted jacket dress is that it is quite unique with the two-toned look that I wouldn’t be able to wear it very often. It’s not a piece you could rotate in your closet like a classic white or black blazer. This is a statement dress/jacket people will definitely remember. 

If you choose a more versatile one – like in a single color without any major prints or embellishments, then I think you could easily switch between wearing it as a blazer or a dress. In that case, you can style it in so many different ways. As a dress, you can wear it with tall boots, classic pumps, or booties. If you wear it as a blazer, you can wear it with jeans, slacks or a pencil skirt. 

How I Styled This Double-Breasted Coat Dress

double breasted dress
{Stacey’s Look: Jacket, Jeans, Top, Booties, Bag}

I chose to style my double breasted suit dress as a blazer with some close-fitting skinny jeans and some off-white stiletto booties. Underneath the jacket, I wore a cropped knit top with a fun criss-cross detail and chain at the neck. I didn’t want anything too bulky or frumpy since the jacket is already quite a statement piece. For my bag, I chose this cute little off-white bag.

double breasted dress 1
It is a pretty matchy-matchy look with the bag and booties. But, I like that they are neutral and really allow the jacket to stand out as the main statement. They add just the right amount of style to go with the jacket without overpowering it. Small bags are a major trend for 2023. I know I’ll be carrying my new bag with me a lot. I also love wearing off-white throughout the year because it is such a fresh color. You don’t have to keep white colors just for summer.

I absolutely love how this look turned out. I felt very chic and fashion forward in this look. A lot of times, blazers can feel stuffy, but this one felt very modern and cool. If you’re looking for double breasted blazer dresses, here are several I like for under $100. If you are looking for other spring fashion stories, click here.

Double Breasted Dresses Under $100

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