Here’s How to Put to Together Extra Cute Casual Mom Outfits

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Most of the time, I share dressier looks. I love to dress up, but honestly, I hardly ever get to wear dressy clothes. I work from home most of the time, so I rarely need to wear my business professional or even business casual clothes. On the weekends, even if I’m going out with friends, I usually opt for jeans and a leather jacket. On a rare occasion, I’ll break out a fancier dress. But, most of the time, I’m rocking casual mom outfits, like this one.

{Stacey’s Look: Jacket; Sweatshirt; Utility Pants; Sneakers}

casual mom outfits 3 posh in progress stacey freeman

Ideas for Casual Outfits for Women

To create a look like mine, you need to find fitted pants, a cropped fitted sweatshirt, a cute jacket, and some stylish sneakers. It’s really that simple. The thing that makes this a cute casual look is the fact that it is comfortable, yet has elements that are stylish. The other major reason I think this is a more elevated casual mom look is that it is fairly fitted.

I think a lot of moms (and I have been a victim of this too) wear clothes that are too big and look sloppy. Choosing more streamlined pieces really makes such a big difference. Although I do understand the desire to wear sweats or leggings, I would urge you to try other options. Especially right now, there are so many cute jeans, utility pants, and even more fitted joggers that look so much better than leggings or oversized sweats. 

How to Elevate Sweatsuits

If you do want to rock sweats, here’s how I wear a matching sweatsuit and still make it chic. I can’t lie, I really am in love with matching sweatsuits for several reasons. First, they are ultra-comfortable. Second, they can be easily elevated by adding a bunch of gold jewelry, some classic white sneakers. a statement red quilted bag, and some big black sunnies. You can elevate sweats even more by adding a long car coat and some classic pumps. Yes, really, you can wear heels with sweats! But despite my love of matching sweatsuits, I’m trying to take it up a notch higher and only reserve the sweats for the times I’m not leaving the house too much. For the days I run errands or hang out with friends outside of the house, I’m opting for more casual mom looks like this one.

Where to Shop for Casual Mom Outfits    

If you’re looking for casual outfits in 2022, there are endless places to shop. It depends a lot on your budget and your style. I personally get a lot of my casual clothes from Target because it is convenient, stylish, and affordable.  The sweatshirt I’m wearing in this look is from Target, as are most of my sweatshirts. 

For the last two years, I had hardly worn any jeans. Then, recently, I’ve been in search for new styles of jeans. Now, I usually do wear jeans as the base for most of my cute casual outfits. If you’re looking for jeans, here is a post about ripped jeans, cropped jeans, and cross-front/asymmetrical jeans. Jeans are always a good idea. However, if you prefer to wear something other than jeans, you can find really cute options, like these utility pants I’m wearing.

I definitely do rock cool sweats a lot of the time. These are my favorite pair.  However, I do think that a lot of moms opt for leggings or sweats over other types of pants. Sweats can be cute, but most of the time, I think they look sloppy, unless they are pretty fitted. That’s why I usually wear jeans if I’m trying to go for a more elevated casual look.

Some of the other stores I love for casual clothes shopping include Shein (they gift me a lot of my clothes), LOFT (my favorite jeans are from here and from Abercrombie. Zara and H&M also have cute casual outfits for women. Lately, I’ve also gotten some really fun casual, but slightly elevated, pieces from Express. These are just some of the places I like to shop for casual mom outfits.  

casual mom outfits 3 Stacey Freeman Posh in Progress

How to Choose Cute Sneakers

I’ve been working on my sneaker collection a lot the last couple of years. I’ve really gotten into collecting cute sneakers. But even if you’re not into sneakers, its still something I highly encourage you to have in your wardrobe. Sneaker culture is here to stay and you can go so many different ways with sneakers. Lately, I’m really into Nikes. I have a baby collection of Jordon 1s and dunk lows and a few other fun pairs, like these ones.

But if you don’t like Nike, are you a Vans girl? I’m a fan of the old skools. Or a converse gal? You can’t go wrong with classic chucks. Those never go out of style. Maybe you prefer Adidas? I personally love these continentals and also the classic super stars (been rocking these since the 90s). Even if you’re not that interested in ultra stylized sneakers, like the ones I’m wearing, you can’t go wrong with one of the classic pairs I mentioned above.

Choosing a sneaker is really about what suits your style and your personality. I like a sneaker with a lot of design elements. I’d rather keep my clothes pretty simple but make my accessories the stars of the look. That’s why I love wearing fun sneakers.

If you’re looking for other casual mom outfits, here is a recent example of a bit more elevated but still totally attainable mom look. I hope you found this post helpful to take your mom style up a notch. The thing that I always talk about with my friends is that you will feel so much better if you put a little effort into your daily look. Even if you’re not feeling that great, you will feel better if you take the time to put on some makeup, style your hair, and wear one of my suggestions for casual mom outfits. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but taking the time to put a look together does make all the difference. If you feel good, you’ll feel confident, and your kids and the people around you will see it too.

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