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A Sonoma Wine Tour is Definitely Worth a Day Trip

Last weekend, I visited Sonoma for my first ever Sonoma wine tour. I was in the San Francisco area to visit a friend, so we spent one of our free days in Sonoma. When she first mentioned the idea, I initially asked why not Napa? But she told me that she prefers the Sonoma wine tours more than the Napa ones, so I was on board. 

Sonoma Wine Tour

She lived in the East Bay, so the drive to Sonoma was just under an hour. The town is so darn cute. We even had dinner in the main square and it was really nice to walk around the downtown area before we headed back to the metro area. 

When we first arrived in Sonoma, we parked and found our Sonoma wine tour driver. We chose this tour company, as one of her friends had used them before and had a good experience. We had our own private minibus that comfortably seated all 8 of us. The bus was comfortable, and they provided cold water and also our lunches.

During our Sonoma wine tour, we visited 3 different wineries from about 11 am to 5 pm. The ones we visited were Wellington Vineyards, Peter Cellars, and Nicholson Ranch Winery. I loved Wellington because they had lovely table seating and tasting menus prepared when we arrived. I enjoyed all of their wines, although I can’t actually remember what we draft. Peter Cellars was next. It felt very small and kitschy. They served all reds, which I don’t love, and they were super smokey. I wouldn’t go back to that one. The last one was Nicholson, which I loved for the amazing views. It was quite windy, which made it a bit challenging of a location, but I did love both of the white wines they served. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time on the Sonoma wine tour. Our driver was friendly, although I do wish he did a bit more talking  and would have explained about each of the wineries and provided more of a history of the region. But despite that critique, I highly enjoyed spending the day touring the area, talking with new girlfriends, and sipping a lot of different selections of wine. If you’re in the San Francisco area, I do think a Sonoma wine tour is definitely worth the day trip.

Have you eve done a Sonoma wine tour?  Let me know in a comment below!

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