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Friday Style: What to Wear from Work to Happy Hour

This post about what to wear from work to happy hour look is sponsored by Julieta. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever wondered how you can choose a look to wear from work to happy hour and look great doing it? Then this is the post for you. Now that things are opening back up and a lot of people are heading back to the office, more and more social events will be happening after work. You don’t have to look stuffy at happy hour if you choose the right look to go seamlessly from work to happy hour. 

What to Wear from Work to Happy Hour

Depending on your workplace, you may be more or dressed up than the outfit I’m wearing here. I hope you can use this as an example of what to do, but you don’t have to copy this look exactly. This is just one example of a way to go from the office to happy hour. My formula is simple – choose pieces that are figure-flattering, have interesting details, and can be dressed up or dressed down with layers. 
{Stacey’s Look: Shoes; Skirt; Top (similar; similar); Purse, Bracelet; Watch}

For example, my top is actually sheer. I’m wearing a black bra under it, and a very high-waisted black skirt. It looks like I have a dress underneath the sheer top. I wouldn’t wear this to the office alone. I definitely would need to wear a blazer or jacket over it for work. In the case of this look, I’d either choose a bold colored blazer or opt for a classic black or white blazer. I choose my work look depending on the types of meetings I have that day. Then, when I leave the office, I can remove the blazer and I have a sexy and sophisticated outfit underneath. 

Another important aspect of styling your work to happy hour look is to consider your accessories. You can easily go from day to evening simply by the shoes you pick, the jewelry you pile on, and the lipstick you wear. Throw on a bold eyeliner and bold red lip, and you’ve transitioned your entire look. Add a whole bunch of gold jewelry and a fun shoe, and you no longer look like you’re coming from the office. These are just a few ways to change up your whole look without changing your clothes.

I hope this has been helpful for you to consider how to go from the office to drinks. Choosing the right clothing pieces and accessories make it so much easier to g from your day to night look. If you have any questions about how to style your day-to-night look, please ask! I love finding fun pieces that work for multiple occasions.

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Do you have any tips on what to wear from work to happy hour?  Let me know in a comment below!

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