This is Why I Love Snake Skin Print Dresses For Summer

snake skin print dressIf you asked me even a couple weeks ago if I’d buy a snake skin print dress, I would have yelled, “ewww, no.” See, I’ve had a bit of a hate-hate relationship with most animal prints, especially in clothing.

However, I have always loved a good snake skin print shoe. I remember my first pair that I got at Nine West back in 2004. I had just graduated from my master’s program and I wanted some fun shoes. They had a pair of pink snake skin print shoes and I absolutely adored them. Thinking back, I actually regret when I got rid of them (I don’t even remember when that was). They were such a classic heel, that I should have held onto them.

snake skin print dress 2But we’re not talking about shoes, we’re talking about snake skin print dresses. A few weeks ago, I realized I had like, zero summer clothing. So I ran to the mall and found a few easy dresses I could wear all summer.

{Stacey’s Look: Dress; Purse; Heels (similar); Earrings (similar); Sunglasses (similar)}

When I first saw this snake skin dress, I wasn’t even going to grab it. I generally just really don’t like animal prints on clothing. I’m finally starting to try animal prints a bit more, realizing my reasoning was all so silly. If you’re wondering why I used to hate animal prints so much, you can read about it here.

snake skin print dress 3For some reason though, I grabbed this dress and decided to try it. I was immediately shocked that of all the easy t-shirt style dresses I grabbed, I actually liked this one the best! I don’t know why, but something about the color and the print just worked.

I’m so in love with this snake skin print dress for a couple reasons. First, it was super inexpensive. You can’t beat that. Second, it works so well for summer. It looks great with flats, but equally good with heels. It is made of a cotton blend, so it’s super comfortable but doesn’t look cheap or too casual. Plus, it also packs really well for travel.

I actually bought this exact dress in three different colors. I brought the black one with me on my trip to the midwest, and it was such a great choice. These dresses travel well and still look really put together with very little effort. I think the rouched waist really helps.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying a snake skin print dress, I think you should give it a try. There are so many options now. It’s not just black and white dresses either. They have fun colors like greens, blues, and pinks too.

Snake Skin Print Dresses I Adore

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