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9 Age Appropriate Chores for Kids in Preschool You Need to Know

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Do you struggle to find age appropriate chores for kids? It can be such a challenge to get preschools to do chores. A lot of times, I get tired of asking them to do their chores, so I just do it for them. Bad mama! I need to stop spoiling them and make sure they are learning responsibility from a young age.

To be honest, when I do ask them to help with chores, they actually jump at the chance. They love helping mommy, so I need to be more consistent with my efforts. Just this past weekend, I asked them to help with the sweeping and raking of the leaves in our backyard, watering the plants, and helping with the laundry. They were so excited to help and I could sense how proud they were of their efforts. Rocco even mentioned what ‘hard work’ it was. If you’re looking for age appropriate chores for kids in preschool, here are some I think are perfect for their developmental age.

9 Age Appropriate Chores for Kids in Preschool

1. Water the plants

Inside or outside, your kids will really love helping you water plants. Outside, I even let them hold the hose or watering can. Inside, I watch them a bit closer so they don’t spill too much.

2. Sweep the ground

My kids absolutely love to sweep. They love to sweep inside and outside. Most of our brooms are adult-sized, but you can find kid-friendly brooms at most toy stores. My kids also love using the little broom and dustpan to clean up debris around the house.

3. Pick up their toys

This may seem obvious, but I think a lot of parents (me included) get lazy and do the cleaning up for our kids. By preschool, your kids are definitely old enough to pick up their own toys. I try (but often fail) to make them pick up one set of toys before they take out a new set. Either way, they can help clean up their toys each day before they get ready for bed.

4. Dust surfaces

As long as you use a natural and/or organic cleanser, it is totally safe for your kids to dust surfaces for you. You can let them spray the cleaner, or they can use pre-wettened cleaning wipes to dust tables and counters.

5. Help with laundry

From an early age, I’ve asked my kids to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. They thought it was a fun game to see if they could throw their clothes in there. I also ask them to help me with the laundry. They especially love loading the clothes into the dryer and shutting the door before I start the dryer.

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6. Clear their room

By preschool, your kids are old enough that they should be able to pick up their room. If toys are lying around, they can put them away. If clothes are strewn about, they can get them into the laundry.

7. Make their bed

By age 2-3, your kids probably can fold blankets and can definitely make their own bed. It might not be perfect, but you can help them smooth it out so it looks presentable. My kids love arranging their stuffed animals and making their beds look nice.

8. Pick up yard debris

We have a mini rake that my kids love to use to rake up leaves and other debris in the yard. I especially love getting my kids involved in outdoor yard work because it gets them outside to get rid of some of their energy, but they’re having fun while doing it.

9. Set/clear the table

Assuming your kids are still using plastic plates/cups, they can absolutely help set and clear the table. To make it easier for them, you can hand them the individual plates, cups, and silverware and show them how to place it so the table is set the way you like it. If you use glass items, this might not be the best activity for them, but they can still help clean up after dinner by sweeping under the table, or wiping down the table after everyone is done eating.

I hope these age appropriate chores for kids in preschool are useful to you when you’re trying to get your kids more involved around the house. What other chores do your kids do that I didn’t include?

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  • Carrie @ourpotluckfamily says:

    Can you come to my house and teach my 5 and 7 year-olds to be responsible for themselves? Haha! These are wonderful ideas to get your preschool-age children helping out at home. Thanks for sharing! #client