3 Reasons why this Drop-in Child Care Near me is so Helpful

 Having drop-in child care near me when we needed it most was such a relief. Here’s the quick story on how I came to feel this way.

What do you do if you’re out of town and your husband, who’s home with your young kids, text messages you that he’s become violently ill with stomach issues and just projectile vomited everywhere?Well, I panicked. I travel a lot for work and this very scenario happened about a year ago I when I was in Europe. It was the weekend, so our regular daycare place was closed and we don’t have any family that lives locally. My husband, who isn’t one to bother people with his problems, refused to call any of our friends for help with the kids, like I suggested. So what else could we do?

There I sat in my hotel room, envisioning all of the worst possible scenarios playing out back in Phoenix. I feared Jade was so ill that he would pass out, leaving my babies, two and three-years-old at the time, to roam around the house not sure what to do with themselves. All I could think of was them putting forks into the electrical outlets or dunking each others’ heads in the toilet. I completely freaked out! I rapidly texted my husband different suggestions of what he could do with the kids for the day. Then it finally dawned on me that he could do drop-in child care! Our favorite local drop-in care is KidsPark.

My husband managed to pull himself together enough to make his way over to KidsPark and drop the kids off without out too much trouble. However, my son still loves to tell the story of how “One time, Daddy was driving and turned into a parking lot, opened the car door and threw up all over the ground!”

If you haven’t heard of KidsPark, they offer hourly drop-in child care 7 days a week. They are also open in the evenings and on weekends. There are many reasons why this drop-in child care near me comes in handy, but here are my top three reasons.

1. They are open 7 Days a Week

They are even open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. We’ve used KidsPark in the past when we needed to get some blog work done on the weekends, or when we wanted a little adult-only time.

2. No Reservations Required

The fact that I can just drop in without notice or an appointment is so huge! If I realize I need some extra help on a Saturday afternoon, I know I can bring my kids to KidsPark. They’ll be entertained while I take care of errands or other things I need to catch up on.

3. My Kids are Safe

Not only is KidsPark is licensed, but all of the teachers have training in early childhood education and have passed background checks. I know my kids are safe. They always have a great time playing, making crafts, and reading stories.I can’t even tell you what a savior KidsPark was for my husband that day. He dropped our kids off and rested while they had a great time playing all afternoon. If you need a break so you can run errands, or need some mommy-only time, I highly suggest you check out KidsPark. You can click here to see if there is a KidsPark location near you! I’m so grateful to have great drop-in child care near me.

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Stacey Freeman: I am a Style Maven, Mommy, Educator, and Traveler.