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5 Things I Wish I’d Known in My 20s about a Summer Skin Care Routine

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When I was younger, I worshiped the sun. (See the picture above as evidence — that’s my college roomie and me on spring break my senior year.)  I would spend hours laying out, getting browner, and soaking it all in. Laying out and going to tanning beds was my relaxation time. Apparently, I was addicted to all that Vitamin D, or something. Needless to say, my summer skin care routine was seriously lacking.

Now that I’m older (and at least somewhat wiser), I know better than to let my skin be damaged. I take my skin health much more seriously, so I’m sharing the 5 things I wish I had known about a healthy summer skin care routine when I was in my 20s.

1. Use Sunscreen Every Day

In my teens and 20s I didn’t use sunscreen at all. I used oil (what was I thinking?!). Now, I apply sunscreen every day. I shoot for an SPF 30 or higher, to ensure I get the protection I need. I also apply it to my neck and chest to make sure I’m protected.

2. Wear a Floppy Hat

If I’m out in the sun for any period of time, I’ll throw on a floppy hat. It ensures I keep my face, ears, neck and back protected. If you don’t think hats are cute on you, get over it, or try another style. There are a lot of great options out there from fedoras to floppy sun hats to baseball caps. Just find something that protects your face, and preferably your neck too.

3. Use Sunless Tanner Instead

There is no need to lay out to get color. Every time your skin turns color from the sun, you’re actually causing damage to it. But you don’t have to miss out on that summer color. You can absolutely achieve a summer glow using sunless tanner. It is easier than ever before with JERGENS® Natural Glow® Wet Skin Moisturizer.

Have you tried the in-shower moisturizers yet? They are so amazing! The minute you turn off the shower, you apply the moisturizer and that’s it! It is specifically developed for use on wet skin. When blended with water, it glides on instantly to lock in moisture and gradually build natural-looking color. You can apply it each day, and color will develop within 3-5 days.

The JERGENS® Natural Glow® Wet Skin Moisturizer is available in two colors. Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan. I chose the Medium to Tan since my skin has olive undertones.  I am so excited about this wet skin moisturizer because it is super easy to use, doesn’t rub off on your towel or clothes, and I’m building color and locking in moisture at the same time.

4. Wear a Rash Guard at the Beach or Pool

They’ve come a long way in sun protection. When I head to the beach or pool, I wear a long-sleeve rash guard. It protects my chest, arms, back and shoulders from the sun and I don’t have to worry about adding sunscreen to those spots since my rash guard has SPF 50. I still wear sunscreen on my face and legs, but at least I feel confident I won’t end up with a burn on the rest of my upper body.

5. Invest in Quality Eyewear

If you don’t wear sunglasses year-round, but especially in the summer, you need to start. In Arizona, I can’t go a day without my sunglasses. I invest in quality glasses that block out 100% of UV rays and also block HEV rays. Make sure you check out the glasses protection before investing in them.

These 5 tips are just some of the things I do for my summer skin care routine. I’m ultra vigilant to keep my skin healthy in my 30s since I did such a poor job when I was younger. I’ve learned the error of my ways and I try the best I can to keep my skin young, glowing and healthy. I hope these tips help you think deeper about your own summer skin care routine.

Stacey Freeman: I am a Style Maven, Mommy, Educator, and Traveler.

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  • kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor says:

    Such great tips, Stacey. I'm like you and was a sun goddess in college. Loving the glow the Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin gives...you look fabulous! #client

  • thekaragon says:

    Great tips! I couldn't agree more on the sunscreen. I apply like every 25mins when I'm in the sun & I'll wear up to SPF 70 if I'm going to be out for more than an hr!