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3 Cool Leather Necklaces That Will Make You Think of the 90s

The 90s punk trend is in full effect. I’ve noticed a lot of people rocking leather chokers lately. I am not a huge choker fan, but I do like leather necklaces and bracelets. Heck, I love leather accessories. Lucky for me, there are tons of leather necklaces this fall and I happened to find a really amazing statement leather necklace I love.

If you’re down for trying a leather necklace, here are the styles you should try and my styling tips for each.

Leather Statement Necklaces

I love a statement necklace, and one with leather detailing is even better. An eye-catching necklace is still my go-to accessory because it instantly changes the whole vibe of my outfit. I might wear the same black dress every couple weeks, but it suddenly feels different and new depending on which necklace I pair with it. This statement leather necklace really sets off my look. Instantly, my fairly simple pink dress is transformed into an evening look, simply because of adding the leather necklace. Also, statement necklaces are versatile. They work equally well with a crisp white button-down as they do with an A-line dress.
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Leather Choker Necklaces

A leather choker necklace can be hard to pull off unless you have a really long neck. I personally don’t like chokers because the chunky piece of leather cuts off my average neck. A long neckline is slimming, so I tend to choose necklaces that hit at my collarbone or lower. However, if you have a long neckline, you can definitely wear a choker. If you do have a shorter neck, you can still wear a choker, but you should definitely style it with a v-neck or low-cut top. If you wear it with a high-cut top, you will have no neckline, visually shortening your body.
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Leather Wrap Necklaces

There are tons of leather wrap necklaces this fall. I like how these look, but they definitely have a boho/hippy feel. If that’s your style, you can totally rock these. If you don’t consider yourself very boho, but want to try out the leather wrap necklaces, I would suggest you pair it with more casual clothes. I think these wrap necklaces look great with jeans and lightweight sweaters, or even a flannel shirt. The wrapped look just feels casual, so works well with more laid back clothing. Think about pairing it over flowy tops or even a flowered maxi dress.
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{Stacey’s Look: Ann Taylor Dress; DVF Jacket (similar); Fendi Heels (similar); Banana Republic Necklace; Lanvin Purse (similar); Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer}

As you can tell, I’m loving the leather necklace trend for fall. There are so many ways to wear them and so many styles to choose from. I hope my tips help you determine which style is best for your look.

Stacey Freeman: I am a Style Maven, Mommy, Educator, and Traveler.

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