Practical or Posh: Diamond Ear Crawler

diamond-ear-crawler-practical-or-poshLately, I’ve been in an accessories funk. I have tons of fun statement necklaces, but hardly any cool earrings. I admit I get really lazy with changing out my classic diamond studs. The ear crawlers and earring jackets I’ve seen lately have sparked my interest enough that I think I’m ready to retire my studs, for now.

I love the earring jacket trend so much, that it made my Christmas wish list. Sadly, when I tried on a pair, they just didn’t fit my ears well. The space between the jacket and the bottom of my ear lobe was too large and they looked super weird on me.

Enter the diamond ear crawler – they are sure to fit most ears and I also think they have more staying power than earring jackets. Another bonus, if you flip them down, they become dangling earrings. So you get two pairs of earrings for one.

The diamond ear crawlers I chose are simply designed and elegant. They would work just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as your LBD. Much like my favorite diamond studs, I would keep these ear crawlers in for days (or weeks) at a time. There would be no need to change them out because they would go with everything.

As with costume jewelry versus fine jewelry, the dramatic price difference is easily explainable. Ariel Gordon uses 14K yellow gold and 7 one-point diamonds in her diamond ear crawler. She sells them individually, so the price below is for a set of two. Ariel Gordon is an LA-based designer. Since at least half my heart is still in California, I always like to support local designers.

The Bauble Bar version does not have real diamonds or gold. But there is a benefit to costume jewelry — it still looks nice and is a great way to introduce a new jewelry trend into your wardrobe at a low price point.

If you are on the fence as to whether you would actually like a diamond ear crawler, try a pair of costume crawlers first and then invest in a quality piece once you know you love the look. Whichever way you go, the diamond ear crawler is going to give you some unexpected, yet classic ear sparkle.

Left – Bauble Bar – $28
Right – Ariel Gordon – $990 (price is for a set, sold individually)

What do you think of the ear crawler and earring jackets trends?



    1. Totally agree! Do you have a bob? I need to play with earrings more, especially when I chop my hair off later this month:)

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