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Unique Winter Accessories

As I write this, I’m wrapped in an old North Face fleece, because my office is freezing. Yes, I live in the valley of the sun. But lately, it’s been really cold here (ok, in the 30’s at night and 50’s during the day, but still very cold for the dessert!).

When I moved to Arizona from Minnesota in 2003, I pretty much abandoned all of my winter clothing, lest that trusty fleece. I never thought I’d have to break out the hat and mittens again, unless I headed back home for the holidays.

Not so, this year in Arizona. I broke into my cold weather stash last week when we went to the holiday lights. My husband teased me, shouting, “you’re from Wisconsin”, as I zipped up my pea coat and jammed on my hat and gloves.

Now that I’m reintroducing cold weather accessories to my wardrobe, I wanted to find some unique winter accessories. I’m bored with the run of the mill knit beanie. Here are 10 unique winter accessories I found that would be a fun addition to your cold weather wardrobe.

  1. Stocking Tights – Modcloth
  2. Turban – Superduper
  3. Collar – River Island
  4. Handwarmers – Kristine Zilgalve
  5. Headphone Earmuffs – Ugg
  6. Scarf – Anthropologie
  7. Leather Gloves – Finds
  8. Collar – ASOS
  9. Floral Beanie – Reason
  10. Freda Socks – ModCloth

What are your go-to winter accessories?





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