McCormick Railroad Park Christmas Lights

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-04Merry Christmas! Tomorrow, we’re planning a low-key day with our little family. Our kids are still so young to really ‘get’ Christmas, but Rocco is starting to catch on.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-05He recently found our Santa hat, and likes to wear that around the house, chanting ‘Santa hat, Santa hat’.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-06He’s also really into Christmas lights. On the rare occasion we are out past his normal bedtime to see Christmas lights, he repeats “mommy, a lights…”.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-08One such night, we headed to Scottsdale to the McCormick Railroad Park Christmas lights event.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-09They had train rides through their elaborate light displays, a carousel, and pictures with Santa. They also had a large model train exhibit.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-01This event was perfect for Rocco. He got to ride on his first carousel with grandma, and we walked around the park enjoying the light displays.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-11Rocco was most mesmerized by the in-door model trains. I think he would have stayed there watching them for hours, if we had let him.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-10It was a really fun night, and a fun way for my parents to get to spend some quality time with their grandkids. The next morning, Rocco just kept saying, “a choo choo train, a Gam, a Papa (what he calls my parents)”. This is definitely an event we’ll go to again next year. If you’re in and around Scottsdale, I highly suggest you check it out.

mccormick-railroad-park-christmas-lights-02What are you doing to celebrate the holidays this year?


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