Halloween Inspired Fashion

Halloween symbols like spider webs, bats, and black cats are not just for October 31st anymore. Halloween inspires fashion works year round. Last year, I showed some of my favorite Halloween-inspired items, like this baby vamp ring I still want. With this story idea in mind, I set out to find Halloween-inspired fashion that I would wear regardless of the season.

The reason I love these pieces is that they subtly reference Halloween without being so obvious. In theory, I would normally shy away from a clutch with a spider, eyeballs on my wallet, or fangs as earrings, but all of these pieces just work. Each designer took a dark, spooky subject and made it really beautiful. I would love to add any of these pieces to my wardrobe.

Here are my 12 favorite Halloween inspired fashion pieces. Which one would you wear?

  1. Web Earrings
  2. Bloody Necklace
  3. Fang Earrings
  4. Skull Gloves
  5. Cat Scarf
  6. Cat Hat
  7. Eyeball Wallet
  8. Skull Sweater
  9. Spider Web Clutch
  10. Bat Dress
  11. Bat Heels
  12. Bat Skirt
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