10 Ways to be Creative with Peeps Easter Candy

creative-uses-for-peeps Easter candyPeeps easter candy is are freaking adorable. There is no denying their cuteness, but who actually eats them? The giant chocolate bunny was always the star, while the Peeps ended up stale at the bottom of my Easter basket. So what other creative uses for Peeps could I try?

My co-worker told me about this centerpiece she made using Peeps, so that got me thinking. Since I don’t really like eating them, what else can you do with Peeps? I was surprised by just how many fun ideas are out there. Here are my favorites:

10 Creative Uses for Peeps

  1.  Pink Peep Inspired Cocktail
  2.  Peeps Sunflower Cake
  3.  Peeps Place Cards
  4.  Peek A Book Peeps Cookies
  5.  Peep Pops
  6.  Peeps Garland
  7.  Peeps Straws
  8.  Peeps S’mores
  9.  Peeps Center Piece
  10.  Peeps Rice Crispy Treats

Are you a Peeps fan? Do you have other creative uses for Peeps? I’d love to hear about them!



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