Women’s Half Zip Sweater: Here are 10 Under $50 You’ll Love

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Are you a sweater person? Would you ever rock a half zip sweater? I tend to prefer sweatshirts over sweaters for a lot of reasons. Mostly, I got stuck on wearing cropped sweatshirts a couple of years ago, and it’s still my go-to look most days. There are so many cute cropped sweatshirts, but rarely do I find sweaters I like. Sweaters often feel really bulky and less cozy to me. Plus, I just think they can skew old and not so cool. But this winter the women’s half zip sweater trend is very popular.

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Honestly, when I first heard that a half-zipper sweater trend was a major thing, I wasn’t sure it was for me. It definitely reminds me of country club dads, if you know what I mean. But I found a way to make this women’s zip sweater trend work for me.

How to Wear a Women’s Half Zip Sweater

For me, the big thing about this trend was finding a sweater that I thought was figure flattering. The reason I like my half-zip sweater is that it’s cropped. I also love the color. Most of the half-zips I saw were in really basic neutrals. I’m not really into basics unless they have a design element that makes them really stand out. For me, the color and cropped fit do make this sweater more unique and also much more a style I like.

When it comes to how to style a half zip sweater a lot of that depends on the fit of the sweater you buy. Many of the half zip women’s sweaters I’ve seen are more oversized and have a baggier fit. If that’s your preference, then you would want to pair the sweater with much more fitted bottoms. I would suggest leggings or slim-cut jeans. I personally prefer a closer fit to the body, but I know baggier fits are back in style.

If you’d like to try out a. women’s half zip for yourself, here are 10 that I love for winter. If you’re looking for other winter fashion posts, click here.

Zip Sweaters for Women Under $50

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