How to Make These Adorable Skeleton Shoes Using Your Cricut

Cricut provided some of the materials to create these shoes and this is part of a sponsored TikTok collaboration. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for a fun and easy Halloween project? Your kids (and family) will love these adorable skeleton shoes. Using my Cricut Maker 3 (gifted from my friends at Cricut), I created these cute shoes for both of my kids in less than an hour. I never thought to create Cricut shoes, but it was so much easier than you might imagine. Read on to see how I made these perfect-for-Halloween black skeleton shoes.

To start, you will want to find some black slip-on shoes. I got these ones for my kids. Then, you’ll want to measure the dimensions of your shoes to ensure you don’t make your print too large. I used the Cricut app to add the image, remove the background, and print right to my Cricut Maker 3.

Cricut offers many different images in its design studio. I ended up adding this skeleton foot image from here. However, they have a really cute skeleton foot image on their design studio that would work so well on high-tops. I’m actually bummed I didn’t buy black-on-black hightops to add the skeleton foot on the side. I think that would have turned out really cute. Maybe next year!

Once I uploaded the image and decided on the dimensions, then I used the smart iron-on material to print out the image. I love the smart iron on material because I think it is the easiest to work with. It doesn’t require you to use a mat or anything additional to print out the image. It is also really easy to weed the image (remove the excess material around your image). Once you remove the excess, then you can iron the material right onto your shoes. The plastic peels right off after you iron it on. The entire process is just so much easier so you don’t have to use mats or transfer paper, etc. 

I used my mini press to add the graphic to the shoes. It did take a bit longer to iron on the material than I expected, but I think that’s because the shape is a little awkward to press onto vs a t-shirt, for example.

Overall, these skeleton shoes turned out so cute. I had no idea just how easy it was to make Cricut shoes, but it is! If you want to see the whole tutorial on video, click here. And for more Halloween content, click here.

Stacey Freeman: I am a Style Maven, Mommy, Educator, and Traveler.