This Yellow Midi Dress is Perfect for Spring: Reasons You Need One

yellow midi dress stacey freeman posh in progress
Do you ever find a piece of clothing and then realize it’s clearly a trend? I didn’t realize how popular a yellow midi dress was for spring until I started looking. It seems now that every way I turn I see another store selling a yellow dress. I recently got this marigold yellow silk dress and instantly fell in love. If you’re looking for a bold statement to add to your spring wardrobe a marigold dress might be the way to go.

When I first got this yellow midi dress, I actually wasn’t sure if it worked on me. I absolutely loved the fit of the dress, but the color was so bold I wasn’t sure it really worked. So, I decided to put a poll up on my IG stories to see what my friends and followers thought. I also shared the same dress in a muted print. To my surprise, everyone preferred the bold marigold yellow dress over the much more subtle watercolor print

{Stacey’s Look: Dress; Heels (similar); Bag (similar); Necklace}

This dress definitely makes a statement. Yet, the tone of this yellow is very flattering for my skin. There are a lot of different shades of yellow if this one feels too bright for you. I’ve linked to some more subdued tones if this one doesn’t feel right. But the fit of this dress is still universally flattering. A v-neck is always a good way to elongate the body and really slim out your frame. The midi length is also so flattering on most people’s bodies. The a-line shape of the skirt also cinches you in at the waist and then floats away from the body for a slimming effect. The tea-length sleeves are also very work-appropriate. 

If you’ve followed my fashion for a while, you will know that I love feminine cuts that also feel sexy without being too revealing. I personally don’t love when the trend is to show too much skin. I think that women can look really sexy while still covering up. I’m not saying it’s not OK to wear revealing clothes, it definitely is. Women should wear whatever they feel comfortable and confident in. For me, that is dresses just like this one. It’s feminine and pretty, yet still very classy and covered up. 

yellow midi dress stacey freeman posh in progress 3
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Yellow Midi Dresses for Spring

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