Sustainable Cleaning Products: Here Are 7 Eco Friendly Brands You Should Try

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It’s that spring cleaning time of year. Earlier this spring, I did a segment on KTLA where I talked about some of the products of the year for 2022. All of the products I discussed were awarded product of the year in their respective home cleaning category. One thing I noticed right away was that several of the products featured elements that made them more sustainable and a better environmental choice than their competitors. Given that brands are paying a lot more attention to the environmental impact of their projects, and I care a lot about sustainability, I thought it would be helpful to research and write about some of the best sustainable home cleaning products right now.

All of the sustainable household products I mentioned below are products I’ve researched and read about. Of all the eco-friendly cleaning products in the list below that sponsored me recently is the bug spray category. Despite this sponsorship, I believe in this option because the science behind it seems legitimate and I would prefer to use less-harsh chemicals when dealing with pest control, especially when I’m using it inside of my home. Read on to read more about some of the choices I think are better for more sustainable cleaning products.

I have not personally tried each of these products, but my suggestion is based on their website claims and my understanding of sustainability. There are a lot of brands that tout sustainability, but a lot of them only offer some elements. Words like best all-natural cleaning products or eco-friendly cleaners should be read with some hesitation. A phrase like zero waste is what you want to look for. You also want to consider products that are closer to nature (as close to 100% natural as possible), use less water, hopefully, zero plastic, and have a reduced carbon footprint.  If you’re looking to start a more eco-friendly home cleaning routine, this kit looks like a great starter option.

Sustainable Cleaning Products For Your Home

Hand Wash

It is really easy to be more sustainable with hand soap by getting rid of single-use plastic bottles. You can use a refillable hand soap container, such as this one. Then, you can buy hand soap refills that use much less plastic than the single-use options. Blueland seems like a very sustainable choice that also saves money. I’ve also heard great things about Public Good, and they offer a refill pack here.

Dish Soap

There seem to be a lot of great options in the dishwasher detergent categories. The Drops brand has sustainability as part of their mission and its dishwasher detergent looks like quite a good option. If you’re looking for a zero-waste option, this Dish Washing Block looks like a good choice. The Grove’s product doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and also no plastic waste.

Bug Spray

STEM is the insect repellent that I talked about on the KTLA segment. I found this product fascinating because it uses plant-derived ingredients that are neurotoxins for bugs, so they kill the bugs without negatively affecting humans or our pets. They use essential oils that are neurotoxic to pests, which I think it quite a great use of nature and science. STEM is also great because it can be used inside or outside of the home. Wondercide has great reviews for an outdoor pest control choice.

Sustainable All-Purpose Cleaner

The True Earth Eco Strips look like a great option for an all-purpose cleaner. I like how they clearly describe that we can have such a positive environmental impact by no longer shipping water all over the earth. I never thought of it like that, but every time you buy a water-based cleaner, you are contributing to a greater environmental impact because that product contains water, which is heavy to ship (using more fuel and resources). Whereas, if you buy products that you can add water to at home, you’re going to have a positive impact on the environment.

I love Grove’s all-purpose cleaner because they offer better ingredients. Plus, I think it’s so neat that they offer to recycle for you. Although there are zero-waste options in the all-purpose cleaning space, I do think their option is pretty good.

Laundry Detergent

Drops and Blueland seem to have the best options for sustainable laundry detergent options. Dirty Labs also seems to have good reviews.

Sustainable Glass Cleaner

This Public Good looks like a great option for glass cleaners. The Grove Co. also has a great option that also includes the bottle.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Blueland toilet bowl tablets seem like a very sustainable option. I never thought of the fact that the plastic toilet bowl brush you use is a bad environmental choice. The Grove offers a very chic and environmental choice of a toilet bowl brush that has a replaceable head.

I hope this story was helpful to get you to consider sustainable cleaning products that can make your home more eco-friendly. Little changes make a big difference. If we can all find ways to use less plastic, fuel, and water, we will start to see positive environmental impacts. If you’re looking for other stories I’ve written about sustainability, click here. I’d also love to hear about your favorite eco-friendly cleaning products you love, so drop a comment and share your favorites.


  1. Thank You for the reviews! Im always looking for eco friendly cleaners and laundry products!

    1. Awesome – definitely let me know if you have favorites I should add to the list 🙂

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