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3 Reasons Why I Love This Long Teddy Coat

It’s felt like summer in LA the last two weeks, but we are going back to cooler temperatures this week and I’m thankful. I can’t lie, I do love winter coat weather, but only a little bit of it. I love that I can throw on a cute coat, like this long teddy coat on cooler nights. I’ve added quite a few winter coats this year because I’ve found so many affordable ones that are also super stylish. I’m such a fan of my newest long teddy coat because it is versatile and the color is so universal. If you’re in the market for a new teddy jacket or wide leg cropped jeans, read on to see where to buy them and how to style them.

{Stacey’s Look: Long Teddy Jacket; Wide Leg Cropped Jeans (similar); Blouse (similar); Flats (similar); Clutch (similar)}

What is a Teddy Coat 

A teddy coat or teddy bear coat is a jacket that is made of fluffy material that sometimes looks like fur or sometimes looks more like shearling. It really does look like the material a stuffed animal is made out of, which is where it’s name comes from. Teddy bear jackets have been popular for quite awhile now, at least the last half a decade. This article talks about how high end designers launched teddy bear coats during Paris fashion week back in 2015.

3 Reasons You’ll Love a Teddy Bear Jacket

1. It’s warm. It might be obvious just based on the material, but teddy bear coats are quite warm and cozy. The longer length also works great for cold weather. 

2. It’s versatile. I love that you can totally dress up or dress down a teddy jacket. You can wear it with sweats and sneakers or wear it over a dress or jeans. It really does go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

3. It’s stylish and comfortable. They are definitely a trend that is not going out of style anytime soon, so you’ll look cool and be comfortable at the same time.

How to Style a Long Teddy Coat

As I mentioned above, a teddy coat can really go with almost anything. But that also depends on the style of your coat. My coat has more of a dressier feel to it because it only has panels of the teddy bear material. If you choose a full-length teddy coat that is all made out of the material, it may look a little less refined than my coat. My coat has a lot of built-in seaming, so it can skew a bit dressier. 

So I think there are at least three ways you can wear a teddy coat and look super chic. One look is the elevated casual look. This is wearing the coat over some streamlined sweats, such as baggier sweat pants with a cropped T or cropped hoodie. You’d finish the look with some chunky sneakers, which have been on trend for a few years.

Another way to wear the teddy bear coat is by pairing it with jeans, as I did. Love the cropped jeans with the flats because showing off ankles actually creates a good balance. Since the jeans are wide and the jacket is fairly bulky, it helps to balance the look. Plus, I chose such a bold colored flat, that your eye is really drawn down to the ankle.

Another styling option is to actually wear something a bit more fitted underneath since the jacket can be a bit bulky. A bodycon dress or midi-length dress or skirt could totally work. You could dress it down with some chunky boots (like a combat boot) or elevate it with some pointy-toed booties or heels. There are a lot of cute cotton bodycon dresses that are super comfy but look a bit nicer. A sweater dress would also be a great choice with flat boots or even knee-high boots.

Plus Size Teddy Coats

If you’re looking for a plus-size version of the classic long teddy bear jacket, there are many stores that offer plus-sized versions. Here is a great option in a neutral color. If you’re looking for more of a mid-hip length, I love these choices. If you’re looking for affordable and stylish selections in a bunch of different colors and designs, I would check out this site.

Where to Find Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

I’m absolutely loving the cropped wide-leg jeans trend. It feels so modern for the winter and upcoming spring. I love how people pair them with flats and even with ankle boots. It’s such a fun look and really easy to wear. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off because I do have a curvier bottom half, but I think it works as long as you choose a top that can be tucked in or is more fitted on top.

Although I’ve seen most washes in the cropped look, I prefer a lighter wash, especially for springtime. I love how my jeans have distressed knees and frayed bottoms, but there are also plenty of cropped jeans that do not have that distressed look for a cleaner fit. If you’re looking for your own pair of cropped wide-leg jeans, here are a few of my favorite pairs 1; 2; 3.

As I mentioned above, I do think most people can pull off the cropped jeans, as long as they know how to balance their proportions. I do have a curvy bottom half, so these jeans look awful on me if I wear too much bulk on my top half. I find these jeans look best when I wear a cropped and fitted top. Even showing the waistline of the jeans or even a little bit of my waist is a good look. At the very least, make sure to tuck in your top and you could add a belt for a little more definition at the waist.

I hope this article was helpful for you to think about how a long teddy coat and cropped jeans might be a great look for you too. If you’d like to add a teddy bear jacket to your wardrobe, I’m sharing some of my favorite longer versions below. All of the items I chose are under $50, so you don’t have to invest a lot to try out this trend. It’s fun to have a warm and fuzzy jacket to throw on for those colder mornings. 

9 Long Teddy Coats I Love Under $50!

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