Why You Should Add a Cute Cropped Puffer to Your Wardrobe This Winter

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I recently got this adorable printed cropped puffer coat and I love it! There are so many cute women’s cropped puffer jackets on the market right now, so I am sharing my favorites under $50. Mine is only $47 and it’s too cute. The type of winter jacket you want really depends on several factors including price, quality, type of filling, length, and style. So if you’re trying to decide which cropped puffer coat is for you, here’s a guide to help you choose.

{Stacey’s Look: Jacket; Jeans; Sweatshirt; Booties}

What is a Cropped Puffer Jacket?

A puffer jacket gets it’s name because of the pattern of squares that are stitched and filled with insulation, which gives it the puffy quilted look. Puffer jackets can be bulky or streamlined, depending on how much filling is used in each of the stitched sections. A cropped puffer jacket is simply a shorter version of a puffer jacket. Cropped jackets can be as short as right below your bust, or a bit longer, and hit at your waist. I personally like when cropped jackets hit right at the smallest part of my waist because I think that is the most flattering fit. 

What is a Down Jacket?

Down are feathers from ducks and geese, so the material is 100% natural. Down is the gold standard for locking in warmth. If you’re thinking about buying a down jacket you will want to consider the weight and the fill power. The higher the number of the weight, the warmer the jacket will be. The fill power is the fluffiness and the ability to trap air of the down. The higher the fill number, the warmer the jacket will be. Likely, the higher the weight and the fill, the more costly the jacket will be.

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Down Vs. Synthetic Filing

Some puffer jackets use down (feathers from geese or ducks), while others use synthetic insulation. The benefit of synthetic insulation is that it is less costly and can also be lighter weight than down. The other major benefit of synthetic material is that, unlike down, the insulation won’t clump or break up after washing as much as down does. The benefits of down are the quality, the warmth, and also the natural element of the material being used. If you want to read more about down vs. synthetic, this is a great article.

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How to Style a Cropped Puffer Jacket

My best advice for styling a cropped bubble jacket is to make sure you have a fitted bottom. Because the puffer adds so much bulk up top, you need to balance the fullness with a more fitted bottom. I opted for mom jeans that taper in at the ankle. I chose a pointed bootie to add even more length to my leg line. 

I’m hoping this post helps you decide which cropped puffer is right for you. If you’re looking for other winter jackets, click here.

10 Cropped Puffer Jackets Under $50 

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